How Will Custom Floor Mats Benefit Your Business?

If you are looking to create a wow factor for your business, custom floor mats deliver. Designed with your business in mind, these mats boast personalized designs, images, and text to suit exactly what your business needs.

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Custom Designed Floor Mats Create a Unique Welcome to Any Business

Make a statement in your lobby with image mats that command attention. These custom entrance mats are eye-catching and feature graphics and text that are customized to suit your business.

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How to Find The Perfect Floor Mats For Your Business

Floor mats in Canada have a tough job. From handling rain, fallen leaves, and debris, to slush, snow, salt, and ice, Canadian businesses need tough mats that can handle the variable weather we see throughout the year. However, in addition to your business floor mats standing up to our changing seasons, you need to be sure you get custom floor mats that work specifically for your business. Read more

The Different Types of Floor Mats and How To Make The Right Choice

For many Mississauga businesses, keeping your facility in good condition is very important as it contributes to the overall experience of customers, employees, and visitors. Not only do you want to protect and maintain your floors, but you also want your space to look pleasing and professional. That’s why so many business owners are interested in finding the best commercial entrance mats and office mats to help them create the best environment possible. Read more

Impress Your Clients with Customized Floor Mats

Your office space can welcome, impress and retain your customers. Do you prioritize what your office or retail space looks like so that you’ll make the best impression possible? Even if you feel like your products and services speak for themselves, adding things like custom floor mats and really going the extra mile to make your space impressive can increase your overall profitability. Read more

5 Reasons You Should Install Custom Floor Mats In Your Commercial Garage This Winter

You probably know that snow and slush are hard on your business’s flooring and take precautions to protect your floors. But did you know that your garage floor is also prone to damage during the harsh winter months? There are a few things you can do to protect your commercial garage floors this winter, including installing custom floor mats. Here are five reasons you should consider installing custom floor mats in your commercial garage: Read more

Commercial Mats For Restaurants, Cafeterias, And Food Service Businesses

Commercial mats are necessary for any restaurant or food service environment. The right commercial floor mats will improve the safety, functionality, and comfort for both employees and guests. With slippery or slick floor surfaces and employees standing on their feet for long periods of time, choosing the right mat for your industry is imperative. When it comes to options for commercial mats that are geared toward the restaurant industry, there are actually many options to choose from. Read more

How Business Floor Mats Can Make Your Company More Efficient

When business owners think of floor mats for business, they tend to think about the basics, such as where they’re needed and what colour to get. However, there are so many other operational benefits that business floor mats can provide. It’s worth taking a closer look at how mats for business can actually improve efficiency. Read more

Pushing Your Brand With Custom Floor Mats

Wouldn’t it be great for a customer to enter your business and see your company’s name on a professionally-made floor mat? It is a small touch, but custom floor mats can make all the difference. After all, visual impressions have a huge impact on the public’s perception of your business. Besides advertising, floor safety mats offer other important functions: Read more

All About City Clean

Mat Solutions for All Your Needs

City Clean is a mat rental company that knows that each of our clients have unique matting needs. This is why we offer mats for retail business in over 100 standard mat sizes and a variety of different styles. Whether you need anti-fatigue mats, speciality mats, message or image mats, or traditional mats, City Clean has the perfect mat rental option for your business. Read more