Waterhog Floor Mats: A Smart Choice for Your Business

If you haven’t yet heard about Waterhog mats and how they can help your business, this blog will cover everything you need to know. These mats work to keep your floors clean, dry, and safe – and will help to protect your flooring, too.

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Protect Your Entryways With Waterhog Floor Mats

Did you know that approximately 80 percent of all dirt and moisture that enters a facility is tracked in on the shoes and boots of employees and visitors?  As you can imagine, having the right commercial floor mats in your entryway is vital when it comes to stopping dirt and wetness from damaging your floors and carpets. Read more

Spring Showers Are Here: It’s Time For Waterhog Floor Mats

Do you have a plan to keep the spring rain from coming into your business and creating wet and slippery floors? Waterhog floor mats are ideal mats for business when it comes to keeping unwanted water at bay and creating a clean and safe space.

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Prepare For Cooler Weather With Waterhog Mats

The arrival of fall brings with it cooler weather and a unique set of challenges that must be addressed by business owners and facility managers. As the weather changes and the temperature drops, it’s time to think about whether or not your commercial floor mats can handle the damp, wet weather (even an early snowfall!) and keep your floors safe and dry. Investing in Waterhog floor mats or custom floor mats for your business means that you’re investing not only in the safety of your customers and employees, but protecting your business from liability issues due to accidents and injuries. Read more