City Clean is a trusted provider of mat rental services in Hamilton, offering expertise and reliability. Our commitment to excellence and on-time deliveries makes us a leading provider of mat rental services in the area. We create tailored solutions that highlight your distinct brand, all while maintaining a clean, safe, and inviting commercial environment.

All Season Mats

All season mats from City Clean serve as steadfast protectors that shield your floors, reduce dirt and moisture, and maintain a tidy and professional appearance. With regular maintenance and cleaning services provided by City Clean, these all season mats help create a pleasant atmosphere for your clientele.

Super Scrape Mats

City Clean’s super scrape mats are constructed with durable, washable all-rubber material, effectively trapping tough dirt and grime outside the door, preventing it from entering the building. These durable mats are the perfect fit for zones with significant foot traffic or demanding conditions.

Water Hog Mats

City Clean’s Water Hog mats sport a unique surface design, allowing excellent water and moisture retention. Ideal for entryways and lobbies, these mats are great for protecting your floors during the wet seasons.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue mats from City Clean are an ideal choice for workers who stand for extended periods. They enhance comfort and efficiency by alleviating fatigue and discomfort while boosting safety through their non-slip surfaces. Crafted from first-rate materials, City Clean’s anti-fatigue mats assure lasting performance and extended usability.

Message Mats

The message mats from City Clean not only deliver essential messages but also seamlessly blend decor and functionality, elevating your business environment with effective communication and a clean, safe, and welcoming space.

Safety Floor Mats

Offering more than just excellent slip resistance, City Clean’s safety floor mats are a visual reminder of the importance of safety in the workplace. These mats actively lessen the chance of mishaps, making safety top of mind for employees.

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