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Maintaining a clean and safe workplace is our passion and it’s backed by our customer satisfaction. Our top-of-the-line products paired with our detailed services offer extensive selections of floor mats and washroom products.

From greeting mats, safety mats and corporate mats, to hand towels, toilet tissue, soap, and automatic urinal cleaning systems, our offerings are cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

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You can rely on the friendly team at City Clean in Mississauga to work with you on solutions for keeping your facility tidy and safe. At City Clean, we’re more than just a mat rental company. Our offerings also include a range of facility products to support cleanliness throughout your workplace.

If you’re not sure which specific products will best support your workplace, our experienced team will guide you in your selections. We’ll help ensure you always have supplies on hand to help your business run more effectively.

At City Clean, we have your company’s best interests in mind. If you’re looking for a trusted facility supply company in the Greater Toronto Area, reach out to us to learn more.


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Clean, safe facilities bring many benefits for businesses. With a tidy interior, you can support employees, customers, and visitors while also showcasing a spotless facility. First impressions in business are critical, so you can’t afford to miss out on impressing guests the moment they arrive.

This experience begins at the door with entrance floor matting. Managing dust, debris, and moisture at your entrances can help limit what is tracked indoors. In all seasons, these mats are essential to reduce slippery surfaces and prevent rain, snow, and leaves from entering your facility.

Choose from a range of commercial matting options with City Clean’s large selection. We support businesses in a variety of industries with mats for their facilities. With various types of commercial floor mats available, your company too will benefit from a clean, safe facility where slips and falls are reduced and employee productivity and comfort are enhanced.


Keep your employees safe and efficient with the right type of commercial mats.

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We invite you to contact us at City Clean to learn more about our services and products and get started. We are keen to learn more about your specific business and the types of facility supply products that can help. Whether you need commercial door mats, washroom products, mops, or another facility supply product, we have you covered.

As your trusted partner for mat rentals and facility supply products, we will ensure you are well stocked on supplies. We offer reliable service and quality products, along with fast and efficient deliveries. With City Clean on your side, you’ll have one less task to worry about as you leave commercial matting and facility supply products to our trusted team.

Simply contact us for more information on our range of offerings.


How do you clean commercial floor mats?

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your commercial floor mats will go a long way to keeping them in good condition. When you choose City Clean as your partner for commercial mat rentals, we take care of their cleaning and maintenance. This leaves one less task for you to worry about and ensures you can continue to focus on your business. Learn more about mat rentals with City Clean.

What are anti-fatigue mats?

If you have employees in your business who stand for long hours, anti-fatigue mats are key. These mats can help offer comfort and insulate against cold hard floors. On top of preventing tired feet, these comfortable mats can support productivity and safety in your workplace. They’re ideal for many types of industries, including foodservice, healthcare, and more. Learn more about anti-fatigue mats from City Clean.

Why are mats important?

Commercial mats offer many benefits to businesses. First and foremost, they help support a clean, safe facility. With mats throughout your business, including your entrances, you can help absorb moisture and limit dust and debris from being tracked indoors. This can keep your flooring clean and improve safety. A clean, safe facility will also help showcase your business in its best light when customers and guests arrive. Learn more about the range of commercial mats and how they can benefit your company.

How many types of mats are available?

At City Clean, we proudly offer more than 100 different standard commercial mat options. No matter your industry, we are confident that we have mats available to suit your specific needs. If you’re not sure which type of mat or mats your business needs, simply reach out to our team at City Clean for guidance in making your selections.

How do I choose floor mats?

Floor mats can be used throughout your facility to help reduce dust and debris and absorb moisture. Your mats will go a long way in improving cleanliness and safety while also supporting employees in your workplace. To get started in making your selections, we encourage you to contact us at City Clean. We’re keen to learn more about your business and offer recommendations on the type or types of mats that will best suit your business.

What is a mat rental service?

Mat rental services will ensure you have one less task to worry about with a reliable supply of clean commercial mats for your facility. The services are convenient, timely, and reliable without the large upfront investment that often comes with purchasing your own mats. Learn more about mat rentals with City Clean and contact us to get started.

How does a floor mat service work?

When you choose mat rentals with City Clean, we take care of everything for you. Our services include pick up, cleaning, drop off, repair, and replacement. Through our comprehensive approach to floor mats, you’ll be making a cost-effective choice for your business. You can put your trust in City Clean and continue to focus on your core operations. Learn more about mat rentals with City Clean.

How do you customize a doormat?

First impressions are important in business, and you can help create a positive one with customized mats. When guests and customers enter your facility, you can welcome them with message mats and image mats that reflect your brand. The sky’s the limit when it comes to your designs and messaging, and, on top of looking great, they can help support a clean, safe facility.

What are facility supply management services?

Facility supply management services ensure you always have a ready supply of products on hand for a clean facility. At City Clean, our offerings include a range of bathroom products such as urinal screens, hand sanitizer, and more items available for purchase. We also offer rental services for some products as well. Learn more about City Clean’s facility supply management services.

What services are included in facility supply management?

At City Clean, we have a range of offerings when it comes to facility supply management. This includes bathroom products and many more items that will support cleanliness and safety throughout your facility. We invite you to explore the products that we have available to rent or buy. If you’re not sure which items your business needs, simply contact our friendly team for guidance.

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