Urinal screens and mats will keep a washroom floor clean and safe between routine cleanings. Clean and well-maintained restrooms play a crucial role in shaping your business image. Whether utilized by customers, guests, or staff, the state of your restrooms leaves a lasting impression. A dirty and/or smelly space can deter people, leading to negative reviews, fewer referrals, and reduced customer loyalty. These repercussions can adversely affect your company’s reputation and revenue.

Fortunately, City Clean offers a diverse range of facility supplies like urinal screens and mats that can help you maintain clean and odor-free restrooms. Our urinal screen program ensures your business always smells fresh and clean. Our no-hassle program guarantees your delivery of urinal screens every 8 weeks by your designated Route Service Representative.

Our CleanShield urinal mats are eco-friendly, dry quickly and can be left in place during daily floor cleaning; allowing floor scrubbers, mops and brooms to pass right over without causing damage. Designed for 30-day usage, these urinal mats are certified high-traction by the National Floor Safety Institute.