Thinking About Commercial Mats For Business? Consider These 5 Things First!

If you’re thinking about adding mats for business to your store or facility, know that deciding to include commercial mats is an incredibly smart business decision. From mats for the retail business to warehouse mats, businesses stand to gain multiple benefits by adding the right mats to their spaces. Mats for business are often overlooked or only seen as an afterthought, and yet they can be so critical when it comes to maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy environment. Read more ›

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Avoid Slippery And Unprotected Floors With Non-Slip Rubber Matting

No matter what kind of business you’re in, every workplace will have some type of liquid on the floor at some point and could benefit from non-slip rubber matting. Even businesses that don’t regularly deal with liquids or other potentially messy substances will have to deal with moisture on the floor from rain or winter weather. Floors can become increasingly unsafe due to spills, leaks, tracked-in moisture, or even simple routine cleaning of floor surfaces. What’s your company’s plan to minimize the dangers associated with slippery and unprotected floors?  Read more ›

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Rubber Safety Mats – A Smart Addition To Commercial Facilities

Rubber safety mats can support safety initiatives in commercial businesses and in general labor facilities of all types. Rubber flooring is a durable, clean and safe material that can help minimize injuries sustained from a trip or fall while on the job. More and more commercial businesses are choosing to include safety rubber mats, as they offer so many benefits when it comes to improving a working environment. Read more ›

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Impress Your Clients with Customized Floor Mats

Your office space can welcome, impress and retain your customers. Do you prioritize what your office or retail space looks like so that you’ll make the best impression possible? Even if you feel like your products and services speak for themselves, adding things like custom floor mats and really going the extra mile to make your space impressive can increase your overall profitability. Read more ›

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How To Pick The Best Industrial Floor Mats For Your Warehouse

If you’re looking for more ways to improve employee experience, boost productivity, and reduce accidents in your warehouse, it’s a good idea to begin exploring your options for industrial rubber mats. Industrial floor mats can be used in a variety of locations and applications, and there are several options to consider when determining which ones are best suited to your warehouse needs. Read more ›

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Protect Your Entryways With Waterhog Floor Mats

Did you know that approximately 80 percent of all dirt and moisture that enters a facility is tracked in on the shoes and boots of employees and visitors?  As you can imagine, having the right commercial floor mats in your entryway is vital when it comes to stopping dirt and wetness from damaging your floors and carpets. Read more ›

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Use Business Floor Mats To Enhance Your Office Space

In the past few years, there’s been a continued shift away from bland and stale office environments, as companies focus on creating spaces that are motivating and inspiring. Mats for businesses may not be the first thing you think about when it comes to building a productive and welcoming office environment, but they really should be included in your strategy!  Business floor mats can prevent damage and destruction of office flooring and carpets; however, they can also contribute to a creative and lively office atmosphere. Read more ›

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Spring Showers Are Here: It’s Time For Waterhog Floor Mats

Do you have a plan to keep the spring rain from coming into your business and creating wet and slippery floors? Waterhog floor mats are ideal mats for business when it comes to keeping unwanted water at bay and creating a clean and safe space.

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Combat Spring’s Rainy Weather With Safety Floor Mats

It’s been a rough winter, and we’re pretty sure just about everyone is counting down the days until the arrival of spring. However, even though springtime should bring warmer temperatures, safety floor mats should be a top priority for facility managers and business owners as we’ll still have to deal with thawing ice and snow, rain, and blustery weather. With the right rubber safety mats and a proactive plan for safety, your business can quickly prepare for the upcoming changes in customer flow, weather, and seasonal risk. Read more ›

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Property Owners: Your Building Needs These Mats

Property owners and property managers have a lot to think about. Not only do they need to ensure that tenants are happy and that the building is well occupied, but they are also in charge of making common areas safe and welcoming. That may sound like a simple task, but finding the right mats that perform well and look great does take some effort. Commercial mat options include classic mats, Water-hog floor mats, and even image mats, but how do you know which ones you need and where to put them? Read more ›

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