Why Is it Important to Use Non-Toxic Air Fresheners?


A clean, fresh-smelling space creates a positive first impression for businesses. Whether you’re welcoming customers, staff or guests into your facility, you can provide the best experience with pleasant smells.

Below are a few reasons why businesses should be using non-toxic air purifiers from City Clean as part of their cleaning supplies throughout the workplace.

Neutralize Bathroom Odours

Bathroom smells can be unpleasant. However, masking them with perfume or other cleaning supplies will not get rid of the foul odour. Instead, non-toxic air purifiers neutralize odours in the air and leave behind a fresh scent.

Purifiers can be placed near bathroom entrances and in more than one corner of the room to ensure that every foul smell is addressed. Plus, the cartridges are replaced by City Clean every 60 days, so you never have to worry about ghastly smells.

Eliminate Waste Smells

The areas near trash chutes and garbage areas often have foul odours. This can make it uncomfortable for staff who work nearby or even customers. The same is true in for people living near garbage facilities in apartment and condo buildings.

Air fresheners can neutralize smells in these areas and provide a more pleasant scent. If you’re worried about people getting sick of the same smell, City Clean will change the scent on a 60-day schedule.

Create a Pleasant Workspace

If you’re noticing employees scrunching their noses, it’s definitely time to address odours in the workplace. Try including non-toxic air purifiers as part of your facility management plan. A fresh odour contributes to a more pleasant work environment. When employees are content, they are likely to have better moods and improved focus and performance.

Reduce Body Odour Smells

In fitness centres, gyms and athletic facilities, body odours are a common problem. Your guests expect to work out in a location that is clean and smelling fresh. Unfortunately, stale body odours could force them to leave. Similar to bathrooms, air purifiers can be placed in locker rooms and other areas of the building where stale smells could be creating a problem.

Worry-Free, Non-Toxic Air Purifiers for Mississauga and the GTA

City Clean’s slow-release air purifiers are non-toxic and will leave your building feeling clean and fresh all day long. We offer a rental program, with no upfront costs on your part. Plus, our 60-day worry-free schedule covers changing scents and cartridge refills, which are recyclable.

Contact us to learn more about our products and services for facility management in Mississauga and the GTA.

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