Top 10 Reasons You Need a Facilities Supply Company

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If your business is looking into facility supply companies, you’ll stand to benefit in many ways. Having a well-stocked inventory of supplies will contribute to the tidiness of your facility, along with the customer experience, team productivity, and more.

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Is It Time to Replace Your Anti-Fatigue Mats?

Anti Fatigue Mats

In many industries where employees stand for long hours, commercial anti-fatigue mats can help provide relief. The hospitality sector, factories, healthcare facilities, and other workplaces often require staff to stand for an extended time period. As a business owner, you can help prevent tired feet and insulate against cold floors. Investing in floor mats will improve comfort, boost productivity, and enhance safety in your workplace. Read more ›

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Types of Urinal Products for Business and Their Benefits

Urinal Mats

Have you considered what kind of impression your restrooms are creating for your business? The cleanliness of your restrooms is paramount. Among customers, guests, and employees, you can help make a positive impression with clean, sanitary facilities. Read more ›

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The Best All-Weather Custom Floor Mats for Your Business

Commercial Mats

Every business has unique facility needs when it comes to their commercial mats. From the amount of foot traffic to the hours people spend standing, different types of mats will suit each business. Read more ›

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How Commercial Hand Sanitizer Helps with COVID-19 Safety?

Commercial Hand Sanitizer

Sanitizing and disinfecting workplaces have become necessary amid COVID-19. For keeping customers, employees, and guests safe, hand sanitizer is a popular option. Read more ›

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Top 5 Benefits of Using Commercial Soaps

Commercial Soaps

There are many benefits to using commercial-grade cleaning products in your business. Firstly, they can help to eliminate the dirt and debris that may pose a safety hazard. Products like foaming soaps, and other cleaners, can also help to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. Read more ›

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With Winter Closing Out, Refresh Your Facility with New Matting

Floor Mats

As spring arrives, cleaning is typically top of mind for many business owners. Permanent matting is just one solution that can contribute to cleanliness in the workplace. They can help to control dirt and moisture and also protect your floors. Read more ›

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Importance of Facility Management Services for Business

Facility management services

Facility management services can help your business succeed. When your business is clean and fully stocked with facility products, your professionalism will be evident. Customers and guests will recognize that you care when it comes to maintaining a tidy facility. Read more ›

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Start the New Year Promoting Your Company with Logo Mats in Canada!

Customized logo mats by City Clean

If you’re looking to try a new marketing tactic in the new year, custom logo mats could be the answer. Their combination of eye-catching design and durability serves many benefits for businesses. We all know that mats will protect your floors and help keep businesses clean. But image mats also have the power to boost sales and strengthen your company’s brand. Read more ›

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Commercial Rubber Mats to Provide a Safe Anti-Slip Surface

Commercial rubber mats

Rubber safety mats aren’t just for warehouse workers. All types of businesses in Mississauga, ON, are using these mats to provide safe, anti-slip surfaces. This includes schools, gyms, offices, medical clinics, and retail stores. The rubber is durable, shock-absorbent, and resistant to slips. It will protect laminate, tile, hardwood, and ceramic flooring — and people too. Read more ›

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