Commercial Rubber Mats to Provide a Safe Anti-Slip Surface

Commercial rubber mats

Rubber safety mats aren’t just for warehouse workers. All types of businesses in Mississauga, ON, are using these mats to provide safe, anti-slip surfaces. This includes schools, gyms, offices, medical clinics, and retail stores. The rubber is durable, shock-absorbent, and resistant to slips. It will protect laminate, tile, hardwood, and ceramic flooring — and people too. Read more ›

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Why Outsourcing Facility Management Supplies is a Smart Business Decision

Facility management services

Keep your building in pristine condition with a healthy stock of facility management supplies. Now more than ever, clean and tidy buildings are a priority. Whether you’re responsible for a residential building or commercial property, such as a gym, daycare or office, your guests expect to enter a sanitary space. And, as the property manager, it’s your responsibility to deliver. Read more ›

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Why Is it Important to Use Non-Toxic Air Fresheners?


A clean, fresh-smelling space creates a positive first impression for businesses. Whether you’re welcoming customers, staff or guests into your facility, you can provide the best experience with pleasant smells. Read more ›

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How to Find The Perfect Floor Mats For Your Business

Commercial Floor Mats Mississauga

Floor mats in Canada have a tough job. From handling rain, fallen leaves, and debris, to slush, snow, salt, and ice, Canadian businesses need tough mats that can handle the variable weather we see throughout the year. However, in addition to your business floor mats standing up to our changing seasons, you need to be sure you get custom floor mats that work specifically for your business. Read more ›

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How Urinal Screens and Mats Help Keep Restrooms Clean

Urinal Mats Toronto

The way the bathrooms in your facility look and smell will have a lasting impression on the customers you serve. The last thing anyone wants to see, or smell is someone else’s urine. Ideally, you want a pleasant scent in your restroom matched with clean and dry floors, something that can be achieved with the right facility management supplies. Read more ›

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Signs Your Office Mats Need to Be Changed

Office floor mats Toronto

As with all parts of your business, at some point you’ll find yourself planning for future repair and maintenance needs. For those Mississauga businesses trying to budget for office mats and their potential replacement, it’s helpful to know more about the most common variables that determine when replacements may be needed. Read more ›

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Keep Your Employees Safe While They Keep the World Running

The world is a very different place than it was just a few short months ago. As businesses all over Mississauga and the GTA adapt to COVID-19, it’s become more important than ever to prioritize the health and safety of employees, especially those that continue to work on the front lines. Hand sanitizer and facial tissues, soaps, cleansers, and commercial mats have become critical tools in our fight against this pandemic. Read more ›

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Why Industrial Soaps Must Be Used At Commercial Facilities

Keeping everyone’s hands clean and safe is a critical part of health and safety in your Mississauga commercial facility. With the current global pandemic, companies should consider working with corporate facilities management services providers to ensure you have the best products to do this important job. In order to stop the spread of viruses such as COVID-19, as well as keep your employees protected from chemicals and solvents, make sure you understand which industrial hand cleaners need to be onsite for safety. Read more ›

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3 Reasons You Should Invest In Commercial Floor Mats

Commercial floor mats are one of the most important investments you can make when it comes to making sure that your business remains clean. While we know it can sometimes be difficult to decide to make the investment, mats for business provide countless benefits not only for employees but for everyone who enters your space. Read more ›

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