How Will Custom Floor Mats Benefit Your Business?

If you are looking to create a wow factor for your business, custom floor mats deliver. Designed with your business in mind, these mats boast personalized designs, images, and text to suit exactly what your business needs.

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Custom Designed Floor Mats Create a Unique Welcome to Any Business

Make a statement in your lobby with image mats that command attention. These custom entrance mats are eye-catching and feature graphics and text that are customized to suit your business.

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Get Creative with Custom Entrance Mats for Your Facility

Get ready to think beyond simple floor mats and elevate your building entrance with creative commercial matting.

The entryway to your facility is a location where you can make a bold first impression with custom entrance mats. With unique images and personalized text, your impressive mats will brand your business and greet people when they arrive. They will also capture dirt and moisture to help keep your facility safe and clean.

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Learn About the Benefits of Nitrile Rubber Backing on Your Floor Mats

There are many advantages to having rubber floor mats in your business. From improved safety to protection for your floors, your business stands to benefit in many ways. However, have you considered how nitrile rubber backing on your floor mats could be offering further benefits? Read more

The Best All-Weather Custom Floor Mats for Your Business

Every business has unique facility needs when it comes to their commercial mats. From the amount of foot traffic to the hours people spend standing, different types of mats will suit each business. Read more

With Winter Closing Out, Refresh Your Facility with New Matting

As spring arrives, cleaning is typically top of mind for many business owners. Permanent matting is just one solution that can contribute to cleanliness in the workplace. They can help to control dirt and moisture and also protect your floors. Read more

How to Find The Perfect Floor Mats For Your Business

Floor mats in Canada have a tough job. From handling rain, fallen leaves, and debris, to slush, snow, salt, and ice, Canadian businesses need tough mats that can handle the variable weather we see throughout the year. However, in addition to your business floor mats standing up to our changing seasons, you need to be sure you get custom floor mats that work specifically for your business. Read more

Signs Your Office Mats Need to Be Changed

As with all parts of your business, at some point you’ll find yourself planning for future repair and maintenance needs. For those Mississauga businesses trying to budget for office mats and their potential replacement, it’s helpful to know more about the most common variables that determine when replacements may be needed. Read more

The Different Types of Floor Mats and How To Make The Right Choice

For many Mississauga businesses, keeping your facility in good condition is very important as it contributes to the overall experience of customers, employees, and visitors. Not only do you want to protect and maintain your floors, but you also want your space to look pleasing and professional. That’s why so many business owners are interested in finding the best commercial entrance mats and office mats to help them create the best environment possible. Read more

5 Tips to Choose the Best Office Mats for Your Facility

Office mats can play a key role when it comes to keeping your space safe and clean. It may be tempting to simply throw down whatever commercial floor mats you can find but know that not every mat will do the job you need it to do. Before you invest in office mats, there are several things worth keeping in mind to ensure you get the best mat your needs. Read more