Get Creative with Custom Entrance Mats for Your Facility

Get ready to think beyond simple floor mats and elevate your building entrance with creative commercial matting.

The entryway to your facility is a location where you can make a bold first impression with custom entrance mats. With unique images and personalized text, your impressive mats will brand your business and greet people when they arrive. They will also capture dirt and moisture to help keep your facility safe and clean.

Are you unsure about how to use these mats to your advantage? Keep reading for some inspiring ideas.

Greet Guests with a Custom Message

Go beyond the typical “welcome” mat and greet guests to your facility with a custom message. The sky’s the limit, so this greeting can be anything you like. Consider your company name, slogan, or even a bilingual message. With a custom commercial floor mat, your entrance will be transformed – offering a warm welcome for your guests.

Showcase Your Business Logo

Command your brand presence from the moment people arrive at your business with your logo on a custom entrance mat. You’ll create an additional brand touchpoint through your mat to help promote your company. Your mat will also help keep your floors clean and dry by trapping dirt and moisture before they enter your business.

Choose Additional Custom Images and Text

If you’d like to display a different type of image or text to capture your company’s unique needs, you have this opportunity with custom commercial floor mats. This may include a safety message, promotional image, or another idea unique to your business.

You can also display seasonal messaging to support a specific event, season, or holiday. Your business entrance is a great location to showcase this type of messaging with custom commercial floor mats to help ensure you capture the attention of customers and guests as they enter.

Learn More About City Clean

As a trusted partner for commercial matting, City Clean will help you select effective messaging and text for your entrance mats. We offer mats in a range of types and sizes to support the specific needs of your business.

Our goal is to work together with you to create solutions for a clean, safe workplace. In addition to floor mats, we offer a range of facility products to support cleanliness in your business. If you are located in the Greater Toronto Area, we invite you to give us a call.

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