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Floor Mats in Canada

Trap dirt and debris at the door with the right floor mats for your business. Floor mats capture dirt and liquids when people enter and walk through your facility, not only keeping your space safe and clean, but also reducing maintenance costs. If you’re looking for floor mats in Canada, City Clean offers a wide range of options such as scraper mats, classic mats, custom logo mats, anti-fatigue mats, and message mats.

Working together, our floor mat program can provide your business with increased productivity, lower maintenance and repair costs and even improve employee morale and brand recognition. Our floor mat rental service includes delivery, complete washing of all floor mats, and replacement of any mat that becomes worn due to regular wear and tear.

Why Your Business Needs Floor Mats

Floor mats in Canada are important due to the wide range of weather we experience throughout the year. Your business will likely have to deal with salt, sand, snow, rain and dirt being brought into your facility, and you need a plan in place to not only keep visitors and employees safe, but to also keep your space clean and professional.

Our high-quality commercial floor mats are designed to trap and hold dirt and moisture before it gets tracked too far into your place of business. From specialty mats designed to lower maintenance costs, to safety mats proven to reduce and prevent slip and fall accidents, the right mats can help your business succeed. Want to improve worker productivity or protect sensitive equipment against dust and dirt damage? We have the right floor mats for that too!

Think about adding mats for business in areas such as entranceways, high-traffic walkways, reception areas, waiting rooms, service counters, wet areas, as well as wherever employees may stand for long periods of time.

Choosing The Right Floor Mats In Toronto

Our team can help you choose the floor mats you need to improve your space. In addition to traditional mats, we can also help improve your brand awareness by adding your logo or business message to mats used in high traffic areas.

Some of the most popular floor mats in Toronto businesses include:

  • Entrance walk-off mats and door mats.
  • Scraper mats that have a bi-directional pattern for effective scraping.
  • Anti-fatigue mats that protect muscles and joints.
  • Wet area mats that have moisture flow-through technology to help prevent slipping.
  • Message, photo, and logo mats that communicate messages to customers and visitors.

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Where To Find The Best Floor Mats

Finding the right floor mats for your business starts by working with the right company. At City Clean, we understand that you want your business to have clean and safe floors, and we’ll work with you to ensure that you get what you need to be successful. From anti-fatigue mats to WaterHog mats, our selection of commercial mats will be able to suit your specific requirements. If you need any assistance in determining which floor mats are right for your business, call us at (647) 931-9758. Our team of experts would be more than happy to help.

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