City Clean has been offering our services to many companies over the years and will only continue to cater to more and more industries. Listed below are a few of the industries we serve:

Office Buildings

People are constantly walking in and out of your building which means every time the front door opens more dirt and grime enters the building. Mats capture dirt and liquids that sneak in with visitors. Keep your place clean and reduce maintenance costs with floor mats and facility supplies from City Clean.


Anti-fatigue mats are necessary for a warehouse setting where employees are constantly on their feet. These mats relieve foot and leg stress and add a layer of safety within your facility. We provide a full line of anti-fatigue mats as well as other mats that are perfect for your facility.

Property Management Groups

Think your property is free from slip and fall risks? Entrances and hallways can become wet and dirty due to high traffic. Enhance the safety of your properties and improve your overall image with a mat rental program.

Manufacturing Companies

In manufacturing, it is important to keep facilities safe and clean with the right mat rental program and facility supplies. Floor mats protect employees from slips and falls as well as static shock that can build up from working with large machinery. Let City Clean set you up with a program that will reduce costs and enhance safety.


For businesses in the healthcare industry, we recommend keeping facilities and offices safe, clean and sanitary with a facility and mat program. City Clean can provide a wide array of services from restroom service to mop and facility supplies along with mat rental.