Waterhog Floor Mats: A Smart Choice for Your Business

If you haven’t yet heard about Waterhog mats and how they can help your business, this blog will cover everything you need to know. These mats work to keep your floors clean, dry, and safe – and will help to protect your flooring, too.

Here’s how the specific features of Waterhog floor mats will support your business

Unique Swirl Pattern to Remove Water and Debris

One of the key benefits of these mats is their ability to help manage dirt, debris, and water in your workplace. They feature a unique swirl pattern that helps to remove water and debris from people’s shoes before they enter your business. This will help limit unsightly messes in your facility to keep your flooring clean, safe, and looking great.

Rubber Backing to Keep Them in Place

Thanks to the rubber backing on Waterhog mats, you can rest assured that the mats will stay in place. Your mats will stay where you put them and help reduce slippery surfaces. This can help prevent slips, falls, and injuries in your business and keep people safe.

Water Dam Rubber Borders Keep Liquids Off the Floor

Whether it’s rainwater, snow, or spills within your business, all of these elements can create slippery situations on your flooring. Thanks to the water dam rubber border on on our Waterhog floor mats, you can rest easy knowing that liquids will be kept in the trenches of the mat and off your floors. This not only improves safety in your business but works to protect the lifespan of your flooring, too.

Durable Construction that You Can Depend On

You can rely on the rugged, durable construction of these mats to bring the noted benefits to your business. They feature an anti-static, polypropylene surface that quickly dries and doesn’t fade or rot. The Nitrile rubber-reinforced surface, borders, and backing offer flexibility, durability, and strength.

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