How to Help Reduce Workplace Injuries with Floor Mats

Did you know? Outfitting your facility with rubber safety mats is a great way to support your business. On top of protecting your floors from wear and tear, the mats will also help people. Employees, customers, and guests will all benefit from clean, safe flooring.

That’s why it’s important to be proactive and improve safety. Here are some key areas where you can focus on helping to reduce injuries in the workplace with commercial mats.

Entrances and Exits

The entrances and exits of your facility are high-traffic areas where you likely have a steady stream of people coming and going. Commercial mats will not only offer a comfortable walking surface, but they’ll also help protect people from slips and falls. The mats will work to limit dirt and moisture that may get tracked indoors to reduce messes and slippery surfaces.

Employee and Customer Walkways

Walkways for both employees and customers can also be high-traffic areas in your business. Unfortunately, these areas can become slick or slippery with frequent usage, especially on wet days. In addition, people may not always be alert to their surroundings to avoid walking on messes and spills. With rubber safety floor mats, you’ll be able to create a safe, non-slip surface for people to walk on.


You can help offer comfort for your employees around equipment, machines, and areas where they may be standing for long hours. Anti-fatigue mats will offer cushioning and insulation against cold or hard floors – both of which can help your employees feel well and productive in the workplace.

Electrical Panels and Switchboards

Rubber electrical safety mats can be placed around high-voltage equipment, electrical panels, and switchboards in your business. These rubber electrical safety mats will help protect your employees from electrical shocks.

Manufacturing Lines and Maintenance Stations

In areas where oil, grease, and chemicals are being used, rubber safety floor mats can help limit damage to your flooring caused by these liquids. The mats can also help reduce slippery surfaces caused by fluid leaks and spills.

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