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Rubber Safety Mats

Custom Floor Mats

Improving facility safety and productivity are important priorities for every company. Rubber safety mats can help. Safety flooring, which can include anti-slip and anti-fatigue surfaces, can greatly lower the incidence of slip and falls, reduce worker fatigue, and improve the overall cleanliness of any facility.

Rubber safety matting can be used in a variety of areas, not just in the obvious spots such as entrances and standing work stations. In order to ensure that your GTA company has the right rubber safety mats in the right spots, reach out to City Clean and let our experts provide you with helpful information and guidance.

Where To Use Rubber Safety Mats To Improve Your Facility

Mississauga and Toronto businesses should make note of the following areas where rubber safety mats can greatly improve the overall function of your commercial, professional or retail space.

  • Facility entranceways. Rubber safety matting installed inside entranceways can greatly reduce the amount of water and dirt tracked inside. Safety flooring such as rubber anti-slip mat composed of high absorbency materials can substantially reduce the amount of moisture that remains on floor surfaces.
  • Hallways and aisles. Rubber safety mats are an economical choice for protecting floor surfaces in higher-traffic areas. They are easy to place down and provide a non-slip surface.
  • Work areas. Mailrooms, assembly lines, and sorting rooms often involve employees standing for long periods of time. Installing anti-fatigue rubber safety matting in these areas, or other work stations where standing is required, can reduce worker fatigue and injury while enhancing productivity.
  • Manufacturing lines and maintenance stations. If oils, greases, and chemicals are being used, rubber safety mats can reduce damage to flooring. Absorbent safety flooring can also soak up fluid spills and leaks.
  • Electrical panels and switchboards. Electrical rubber safety mats are in industrial facilities where workers need to be protected from electrical shocks. Mats can be placed around high-voltage equipment, electrical panels, switchboards, or where machinery is being operated at high voltage.

Find Out More About Rubber Safety Matting From City Clean

City Clean offers a wide range of safety matting solutions which can help your Toronto or Mississauga business improve safety and productivity. Our rubber safety matting can be provided in standard sizes or created to fit specific work areas. To find out more about the range of safety solutions from City Clean, contact us today.

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