Since its inception in 1972, City Clean has risen to be the leading supplier of facility services in Kitchener, boasting over five decades of consistent, quality service to our clientele. We offer an extensive selection of facility essentials, ranging from crucial bathroom supplies to superior cleaning products. Delve into our primary facility offerings:

Wet Mops

City Clean provides wet mops that are highly effective at absorbing spills and removing dirt from a variety of flooring. These mops are designed with replaceable heads for easy upkeep.

Dust Mops

Designed to efficiently pick up dust, dirt, and debris, our dust mops ensure your floors remain immaculate. They are lightweight and versatile, perfect for everyday cleaning.

Microfiber Towels

Our microfiber towels are ideal for commercial settings such as kitchens and restrooms, known for their superior moisture and dirt absorption capabilities.

Spa Towels

Our spa towels, crafted from premium materials, offer exceptional absorbency and a soft touch, elevating the spa experience to new levels of comfort.

Bar Towels

Specially designed for the dynamic bar and restaurant industry, our bar towels are adept at tackling everything from polishing glassware to wiping up spills. With regular deliveries, we guarantee a steady supply of clean towels to maintain a hygienic space.

The City Clean Advantage

City Clean distinguishes itself in the field of facility services in Kitchener through our dedication to quality, innovation, and customer-focused solutions. We offer more than just products; we provide a collaborative effort to boost your business’s efficiency and cleanliness. Our team is committed to leading the industry in reliable cleaning solutions and eco-friendly practices. Choosing City Clean means selecting a partner dedicated to ensuring your workspace is always spotless and efficient.

Get in Touch with City Clean!

City Clean delivers comprehensive facility services in Kitchener, tailored to suit a variety of business requirements. Our reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction positions us as your premier choice for facility services in Kitchener. To discover our wide array of products and services, contact us at 416-231-2722 or send an email. We look forward to partnering with you to deliver exceptional service!