Impress Your Clients with Customized Floor Mats

Your office space can welcome, impress and retain your customers. Do you prioritize what your office or retail space looks like so that you’ll make the best impression possible? Even if you feel like your products and services speak for themselves, adding things like custom floor mats and really going the extra mile to make your space impressive can increase your overall profitability.

In many cases, it’s the smaller details that tend to catch people’s attention and make them understand how much you value their business and care about their reputation. Using the best floor mats for your industry, for example, will not only make a great first impression but also communicates that you’re a safe and professional business.

4 Tips For Creating A Welcoming Office Space Using Custom Floor Mats

As they say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression! Adding custom floor mats throughout your space can cement branding, help create distinct spaces, as well as help keep your space clean. Here are four quick tips for making sure you create a welcoming and impressive atmosphere for your client when they visit your office.

1 – Create a lobby area. Even if you only have a small entrance way, think about adding custom floor mats that showcase your company name and logo. In addition to branding the area, your commercial floor mats will frame the reception area, making it clear where people should wait to be greeted.

2 – Maintain a clean workplace. Commercial floor mats work hard to scrape dirt and debris from shoes and boots and prevent them from being tracked into your office. In addition, make sure your floor mats are regularly cleaned and replaced if needed so that they continue to help create the best impression possible.

3 – Create a cohesive space. Custom floor mats work well in a reception area, but they can also help build a welcoming office space by being used in communal spaces like meeting rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. By extending your use of commercial floor mats, visitors will see that you maintain a cohesive and consistent workspace and take care to ensure all areas are well maintained.

4 – Offer self-serve refreshments. If you have space, why not invest in a coffee and water system that can be used while guests wait. You can even make healthy, wrapped snacks available too. In order to keep this space clean and safe, be sure to use the right commercial floor mat to absorb any spills and reduce the likelihood of someone slipping on spilled coffee or water on the floor.

These small but significant gestures can go a long way towards wowing a client and giving them a reason to choose you over the competition.

The Right Custom Floor Mats Can Help Build Your Business

Remember, whether your company is large or small, every interaction you have with your customers or potential customers is an opportunity to make a sale. City Clean can help your company choose the best floor mats for your needs and work with you to create a clean and welcoming office space. From Waterhog mats to branded custom floor mats, City Clean has the mats you need to build your business. Contact us to arrange a mat rental consultation or to speak with our customer service team.