Should You Buy Or Rent Your Commercial Floor Mats?

Different businesses and facilities will take different approaches when it comes to the maintenance and safety of their space. Our mat rental experts at City Clean often get asked whether it is better to buy or rent commercial floor mats and we know that there isn’t one answer that will work for everyone.  However, when it comes to floor mat rentals, we can tell you that there are many advantages to using a mat rental service.

Commercial Floor Mats – Buy or Rent

1. Safety. We always talk about safety, as it is paramount when it comes to running a successful business. Slippery and unprotected floors are one of the top causes of accidents in a workplace or place of business.  That means that commercial mats have a big job to do and bear a lot of responsibility when it comes to keeping people safe. While you can purchase mats for your business, this also means that you are responsible for cleaning them regularly and staying on top of their maintenance and watching for wear and tear.

When you work with a mat rental service like City Clean, we take the condition of our mats very seriously. The mats you receive will be in good condition and are properly cleaned each and every time to help keep people safe.

2. Image. First impressions matter.  Can you be sure that the mats you buy are going to offer the look you want for your business. Did you know that rental mats can be customized using messages and images?  City clean offers a variety of sizes and colours too. By using a mat rental service, you can rest easy and know that your mats will look good and leave the impression you want with your customers.

3. Knowledge. City clean has been in business for more than 40 years. We know mats! While our mat rental service is top quality, so is our customer service. Taking the time to meet with our clients to understand what their wants and needs are is an important step in our process. We can provide you with information on Anti-Fatigue mats and their benefits, the options for traditional mats and what sizes are right for your space.

4. Product. Most purchased mats are not designed to trap dirt. The dirt lies on top of the mat and is then tracked all over your place of business. So while buying mats may seem like a cheaper option upfront, you have to consider the damage and wear on your floors. In addition, once you buy commercial mats, you are limited in changing size or colour, unless you want to make another large purchase. Your product options are limited.

Often the price is a driving factor in the decision as to whether you should buy or rent your commercial mats and the assumption is that buying mats is the more economical option. Before you make any decisions, be sure to call City Clean and talk to our experts. We can answer your questions and really walk you through some options that will work for your business.  Fill in a mat rental consultation request and let’s talk!