How Branded Mats Can Help Your Business

Branded mats with your company’s logo or slogan can go a long way toward helping your business succeed. Keep reading to find out four ways high-quality and professionally branded commercial floor mats or office mats can help your company stand out from your competition. Read more

SuperScrape Sign Mats: Let your Messages Be Seen

SuperScrape mats are rubber safety mats designed to support and protect customers and employees, in addition to minimizing facility wear and tear. As one of the best floor mats available for commercial entryways, durable SuperScrape mats are made of 100% Nitrile rubber, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. Their design includes a molded tread surface that scrapes away dirt, moisture and debris from the bottom of shoes and boots, preventing unwanted materials from being brought into your facility. Read more

Importance of Facility Management For Your Business

You want your business to reflect an environment that is safe, productive, clean and welcoming to both employees and clients. In an effort to build that ideal environment, business owners need to understand the importance of facilities management and its effects. Responsibilities associated with facility management typically include a wide range of function and support services such as janitorial services, property or building management, engineering services, space planning and other support duties. Read more

5 Types of Floor Mats That Can Help Your Business

With more than 40 years of experience in the floor mat rentals business, City Clean can confidently guide companies into choosing the right kind of mats for their business.  It may seem like choosing your commercial floor mats would be a straightforward decision, but many are surprised to learn that there are many different types of floor mats and each of them serves their own unique purpose. When sourcing commercial floor mats, be sure to work with an expert in the field so that you choose the right mats to get the results you need. Read more

Matting Matters Everywhere!

Floor mats have many, many important uses. And if you stop to think about it or to look around, you will see that floor mats can be found just about everywhere. It’s not surprising, really, since mats accomplish many important jobs and improve the environment in which they are placed. Whether you are a business owner that uses a mat rental service or a homeowner that is interested in improving the look and safety of your home, matting can and should be used in so many ways. Read more

Safe Floor Mats are the Best Floor Mats

We know a lot goes in to selecting how your business will look – the design of your lobby, the signs you will use and the paint and art you may hang on the wall. But what about choosing items that will help make your place of business safe?  Do you know what the best floor mats for your business are? Did you know that safety mats go a very long way in protecting people who work for you and those that frequent your business? Read more

Centralize Your Branding – Get Your Logo on Your Mats

Consistency is the key when it comes to running a successful business.  Consistent levels of customer service, consistency when it comes to product quality – the list is long!  Part of successful brand awareness comes from consistency in the message you send out about your business and in the way your company is presented. So how can you up your brand awareness and build on that consistency? Consider custom floor mats that are branded with your company logo. Read more

Should You Buy Or Rent Your Commercial Floor Mats?

Different businesses and facilities will take different approaches when it comes to the maintenance and safety of their space. Our mat rental experts at City Clean often get asked whether it is better to buy or rent commercial floor mats and we know that there isn’t one answer that will work for everyone.  However, when it comes to floor mat rentals, we can tell you that there are many advantages to using a mat rental service. Read more