How Branded Mats Can Help Your Business

Branded mats with your company’s logo or slogan can go a long way toward helping your business succeed. Keep reading to find out four ways high-quality and professionally branded commercial floor mats or office mats can help your company stand out from your competition.

Do Branded Mats Really Help Your Overall Business?

Mats provide a lot of benefits that help the business. Here are just a few of the most helpful:

Build Credibility

Commercial entrance mats and office mats leave customers with a positive impression of your business and brand. First, the use of commercial floor mats shows customers that their safety is important to you. Slip and fall accidents often happen because of slippery floors, and customers will appreciate mats that absorb moisture and provide a better grip so they don’t have to worry about a falling.

Second, the use of logos, slogans, and images on your commercial entrance mats will help customers remember your brand. Branded mats establish a sense of familiarity, which makes your business look more credible and professional. If you’re looking for a floor mat service to create custom mats for your business, City Clean have a variety of matting options to choose from.

Spread Brand Awareness

As a business, you want customers to remember your name, logo, and slogan. While some companies may display expensive advertisements to make customers aware of their brand, commercial entrance mats and office mats with logos are inexpensive and effective in building brand awareness.

Colourful and attractive commercial floor mats adorned with your logo will catch the eyes of customers as they walk into and out of your store. This goes a long way towards ensuring your company is top of mind with your target audience. A floor mat service like City Clean can create quality logo brands that reflect your brand and build brand awareness with your customers.

Unique Advertising Tool

When you think of an advertisement, you probably think of a magazine or television ad. Did you know mats can also be part of your advertising campaign? Commercial entrance mats can be made with slogans and logos that reflect your current campaign to promote your brand. It’s a unique advertising medium that customers won’t expect.

Companies that pay close attention to details like matting and change up their mats to reflect new campaigns will delight their customers. Moreover, it won’t cost a fortune to change up your mats frequently if you work with a floor mat rental company. City Clean offers our clients a convenient mat rental service so you never have to worry about replacing mats on your own.


No one likes walking into a business and seeing a dirty floor. Customers will appreciate the effort you put into ensuring your floors are lined with quality mats that keep your floors (and your customers’ shoes!) clean, no matter how wet or slushy the weather conditions are. A floor mat rentals company will also replace the mats for you on a regular basis. A reputable mat rental service like City Clean will ensure you always have clean, quality commercial floor mats for your business.

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