How Business Floor Mats Can Make Your Company More Efficient

When business owners think of floor mats for business, they tend to think about the basics, such as where they’re needed and what colour to get. However, there are so many other operational benefits that business floor mats can provide. It’s worth taking a closer look at how mats for business can actually improve efficiency.

When choosing custom floor mats for their workspace, it’s not surprising that business owners want high-quality mats that will last. While the mats they choose will help support cleanliness and safety, and create more welcoming, clean appearance, there’s actually a lot more to it than that. Choosing the right business floor mats can make a huge difference. For example, using mats for your business lets employees know that they are working in an employee-friendly environment. Let’s discuss a few more benefits of business floor mats:

4 Ways Business Floor Mats Support Efficiency

When you’re ready to add custom floor mats to your space or change out your current mats, keep these advantages in mind. Your investment will go a long way towards boosting your business success.

Workplace Cleanliness

High traffic areas in your workplace are a gathering place for dirt and debris. As a successful business, you need to maintain a professional look to welcome both your employees and visitors.

Don’t let dirty floors be a marker for your workplace’s hygiene standards. Having the right business floor mats in high traffic areas means that less dirt and grime will be tracked into your facility and will reduce wear and tear on your floors.

One option to consider involves working with a mat rental company. This means that your floor mats will be professionally laundered, replaced and delivered by a third party. City Clean’s managed rental mat service can provide you with top quality, clean workplace mats that will keep dirt, dust and debris at bay. Not only will you receive the mats you need, but you’ll no longer have to stress about whether your floors are helping you make the right impression.

Business Floor Mats Safeguard Your Employees

Slip and falls are one of the most common causes of injuries at work. And the cost of compensation claims resulting from falls can be considerable. Workplace falls are often caused by changes in floor level, uneven surfaces and wet or slippery floors. Installing proper rubber mats in places where water, oil or solvents are likely to be spilled will reduce the likelihood of accidents, and using proper matting in other high risk areas will ensure high-level workplace safety.

Improve Employee Performance

If you value your employees’ health, their work environment should reflect that. Ergonomic and anti-fatigue mats can reduce pain and soreness caused by repetitive motions and periods of long standing. Spending more than five hours daily on your feet can cause prolonged lower limb muscle fatigue and raise your risk for long-term back pain. To help your employees remain efficient in their duties, equip them with custom floor mats that fight off fatigue and support their health.

Showcase Your Brand

Building your brand means making it a part of all aspects of your business. You can use business floor mats to showcase your logo and visual identity – right from the very first step into your facility or store.

Commercial entrance mats can be branded to warmly welcome visitors and showcase your logo so that it’s the first thing people see upon their arrival. Since there are so many reasons to have commercial entrance mats in the first place, why not be more efficient and have them representing your brand at the same time!

City Clean Can Find The Right Mats For Your Business

High-quality floor mats are not just about sopping up wet and rainy weather. They offer a long list of benefits that can improve the way your business performs. City Clean has extensive experience when it comes to making sure that businesses get the right mats to support their business and to improve their efficiencies. If you aren’t sure what mats are needed for your industry, reach out to us and learn why we’re the right partner for you.