Mats & Floorcare

We’ve talked previously about the importance of office mats and how they help your business succeed. Choosing the best floor mats that are both clean and safe, will contribute to the positive first impression you want people to have about your business. The right safety floor mats will also ensure a safe environment for both employees and customers. But have you also thought about what the right office mats can do for your floors?

As much as 80% of dirt carried into your business comes in from shoes and boots. The right office mats will keep your floors in good condition and reduce the wear and tear by protecting them from mud, moisture, bacteria and grime. This means that you will spend less money long term on floor maintenance, repair and replacement.


Why Doing It Right Make A Difference

As a business owner, you understand the value of protecting and keeping your floors in good condition. But did you know that not all mats will protect your floors equally? Did you also know that floor mats only do a good job if they are well-maintained and properly cleaned? Many business owners try and take on the task of cleaning and maintaining their office mats on their own, only to realize that they lack the knowledge and ability to do the job well.


While the vacuum may do a great job on your floors and mats at home, it is not enough for your office mats. Vacuuming misses ingrained dirt that remains embedded deep in your mats, so even if it looks clean on the surface it’s not really cleaning the high amount of dirt tracked into your business. Because vacuuming can only partially remove trapped dirt, this method of cleaning will quickly render your office mats dirt-logged and ineffective.

Only Entrance Mats Matter

Entrance mats are important because this is likely the area that receives the most foot traffic. However, protecting the floors throughout your entire premises is also important, especially in other high traffic areas or areas that can become slippery or wet. Custom floor mats can now support specific functions and unique spaces that will help keep all your floors in good condition.

Any Mat Will Do

There are plenty of office mats that you can buy from retailers that are low in cost, making them appealing to business owners. But don’t forget that the purchase cost is just one factor to consider. You’ll have to factor in getting it regularly and properly cleaned (remember what we said about vacuuming not being enough!), maintained and checked for damage that could create tripping hazards, such as curling or cracked edges. It is very important to choose the right office mats for your type of floors, such as smooth rubber backed mats designed specifically for non-carpeted areas or WaterHog mats that help keep water off the floor.

The Best Way To Protect Your Floors

It makes so much sense to work with a mat rental company that will take the time to understand your business and your custom floor mat needs. Not only will a mat rental company be able to provide you with the right type of mat to properly protect your floors, but they can also ensure that your office mats will be clean, safe and look professional.

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