Are Rubber Mats A Good Idea?

Because many surfaces are prone to causing slips and falls, choosing the right safety floor mats is an important decision. While there are many mat options to choose from, rubber mats are a top choice for certain environments. For example, rubber safety mats are durable, easy to clean, and provide some padding, which makes them a perfect addition to slippery areas or areas where spills occur.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the many reasons to choose rubber mats for your space.

4 Benefits Of Rubber Mats

Here’s what you can expect to gain when adding rubber mats to your space.

  1. A Safe Environment
    While rubber safety mats can’t offer complete protection from injury, they can cushion falls and absorb some of the impact, which reduces injuries or makes them less severe.
  2. Stain-Resistant And Easy to Clean
    Rubber mats are easy to clean and stain-resistant, making them an ideal choice for high traffic areas. They also don’t require special cleaners, and since they are water resistant you can use a hose to spray them down. They are also durable enough to be used outside.
  3. Anti-Fatigue Support
    Many rubber floors options have anti-fatigue qualities, making them an excellent choice for standing activities or busy areas. Anti-fatigue mats support muscles and joints, and can increase blood flow and overall comfort. This makes it a healthier and a safer option than traditional flooring.
  4. Eco-Friendly.

Modern rubber mats are almost always made from 100% recycled rubber, making it an eco-friendly flooring option.

The Right Mats Make A Big Difference

As you can see, adding the right matting can really improve an environment. Whether you choose to go with rubber mats or a more classic mat, adding the right mats to your space means you can feel good about your investment. City Clean has been offering top-quality floor mats for more than 40 years. Our extensive knowledge of each type of mat and its unique benefits means that we can help you determine what mat will work best for your environment. If you are looking to make your space safer, cleaner, and more professional looking, contact us!