Do You Have Safety Floor Mats In All The Right Places?

It’s a common assumption to think that once entrance mats are placed on the floor, you’ve taken the steps needed to create a safe environment. While it’s true that safety floor mats placed at entry ways can help to reduce slip and fall accidents, it is certainly not the only thing to be done if you are truly interested in protecting your customers and employees. In fact, there are many ways to use safety floor mats to improve your building’s overall safety.

The reality is that buildings need floor mats in several different locations in order to maintain a safe environment. Slip and falls are the second most common workplace accident and can be caused by many factors such as cluttered walkways, uneven or slippery surfaces, distractions, and worn or damaged flooring. Using the best floor mats at entrances and other problem areas can significantly reduce the risk of these mishaps and keep everyone within your building safer.

Add Floor Mats To These Areas

While reported falls at entryways are the most common, there are still many other hotspots that can cause injuries or accidents. The following locations should also be outfitted with safety floor mats that include non-slip rubber matting and other specific properties based on the needs of each particular area.

  • Employee walkways. These high-traffic areas can become slick due to frequent usage. In addition, spaces that are traveled by people on a very regular basis often means that they walk on ‘auto-pilot’ and aren’t overtly aware of potential hazards.
  • Transition areas. When the flooring changes, there can often be uneven ground or a change in how the ground feels to those using the space.
  • Around equipment and machines. The best floor mats for these areas include mats with anti-static properties and even anti-fatigue mats which can reduce employee fatigue, thereby reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Frequent spill areas. Areas that are at risk for having liquids spilled on the floor should have mats with non-slip rubber matting and proper drainage to help keep spills contained and employees protected.
  • Customer walkways. Similar to employee walkways, these high-traffic areas can become slippery over time. In addition, customers who are reading your signs or looking at your products won’t be properly paying attention to their surroundings and will rely on you to provide them with a safe walking space.

Get Serious About A Safe Work Environment

Prioritizing safety by finding the best floor mats for your business will contribute to your overall growth and success. City Clean has been helping businesses make their workspaces cleaner and safer for more than 40 years. Our expert team can work with you to determine the best options for your space, and provide you with information that will support your goals to have a safe environment for employees, customers and visitors. Contact us today to book your consultation.