Business Floor Mats For Summer Months

Using floor mats in Canada probably makes most people think about our cold and wet winters, but did you know that floor mats are essential during every month of the year? During the warm summer months, you can still benefit from Waterhog floor mats, anti fatigue mats, and other types of business floor mats that protect your floors, employees, and customers.

5 Reasons To Use Business Floor Mats This Summer

The right floor mats play a vital role for businesses and offer many worthy benefits. We’ve put together a list that highlights why floor mats in Canada work just as hard in the summer as they do during other seasons.

Keep the dirt outside. No one likes to enter a business and see dirt on the floor. Summer time has people out and about and enjoying the outdoors, which can make keeping dirt outside difficult. Floor mats will keep dirt and other debris off your floors, making it easier to maintain clean and well-kept floors. While entranceways may be the biggest source of dirt being tracked in, keep in mind that they aren’t the only locations that would benefit from floor mats.

Keep spills from spreading. Summertime spills are common, especially in restaurants or any place that serves food or drink. Floor mats can soak up liquid and prevent the spill area from expanding. Drips and moisture from condensation due to high temperatures in summer can be effectively managed using the right floor mats.

Summer rain. Because rain is less common during the summer months, it usually means that people are less prepared for it. There is a higher probability that employees, visitors, and customers walking into your business on a rainy day don’t have an umbrella or a jacket with them, meaning they may track in quite a bit of water from outside. Wet floors can become extremely slippery, so even in the summer months, use Waterhog floor mats to keep water off the floors.

Prevent accidents. Slip and fall accidents can occur at any time, which means you can’t assume that the drier summer weather reduces the likelihood of an accident. Always be proactive and install slip-resistant floor mats throughout your business. Not only will this keep your employees and customers safe, but it will also go a long way in protecting your business.

Support your employees. The summer months are often extremely busy for businesses, which means that employees can suffer from fatigue, aches, and pains due to standing for long periods of time. Invest in anti-fatigue mats to help reduce the strain of standing jobs and allow your employees to remain happy and productive!

Time To Get Your Business Ready For Summer

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