Protect Your Entryways With Waterhog Floor Mats

Did you know that approximately 80 percent of all dirt and moisture that enters a facility is tracked in on the shoes and boots of employees and visitors?  As you can imagine, having the right commercial floor mats in your entryway is vital when it comes to stopping dirt and wetness from damaging your floors and carpets.

This leads to an important question for business owners. What is the best way to effectively reduce the damage that this high traffic area can face? The answer lies in using the right office mats, such as Water-hog floor mats. A small investment in the right commercial floor mats at your entryways will work hard to protect your larger investment – the flooring in your building.  Carpets and floors will have a much longer life and will experience less wear and tear when the entryway is protected with quality office mats.

How Waterhog Floor Mats Work Hard For Your Business

Not only do good quality commercial floor mats in the entryway or vestibule protect your floors, they’ll also help to prevent slip-and-fall accidents – which can lead to complications should someone get hurt. Additionally, entrance mats create an inviting and welcoming atmosphere for all customers and clients when they enter the building.

If you’re looking for the ideal floor mat to protect and enhance your entryways, look no further than Waterhog floor mats. Of all the options on the market today Waterhog floor mats, with their excellent ability to trap and absorb moisture, truly stand out. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits these mats can offer:

  • These mats scrape sand and water off shoes. As a result, those elements don’t get a chance to damage floors, since they remain trapped on the mat.
  • The rubber backing prevents wetness from soaking through the mat onto the floor, limiting water damage.
  • These ideal entryway mats come in a variety of colours and shapes, meaning they can be fit to work with just about any space.

Find The Right Waterhog Mats For Your Entryway

City Clean offers a wide variety of Waterhog mats that are rugged, durable, flexible, and easy to clean. These eco-friendly office mats are perfect for high-traffic entryways; they’re exactly what your office space needs to protect your floors and keep your business safe and clean. To find out more about our extensive commercial floor mat selection and our mat rental program, we invite you to reach out and contact us.