How Warehouse Mats Keep Your Business Safe And Clean

Each industry has unique needs when it comes to finding the right mats to support their business. One of the areas where City Clean can help is helping customers choose the right type of mats for their business. With many types of mats for business available, it can be difficult to choose correctly. Today, we’re discussing warehouse mats: how to choose the right mats for warehouses, where warehouse mats should be used, and why.

Having proper matting in place can significantly improve employee productivity by providing a cleaner and more comfortable work environment, as well as reducing the probability of workplace accidents. That may sound like a tall order for warehouse mats, but the reality is that using the right mats for business is a smart investment for any commercial workspace.

The Warehouse Mats You Need

Places such as entryways and high-traffic areas are common places where businesses look to placemats. But there are so many other spaces and areas that can use the support of warehouse mats to create a cleaner and safer environment.

Workstation Mats

Increase comfort and reduce worker fatigue brought on by standing for long periods on hard floors. Anti-fatigue mats are used in areas where a worker stands in the same area for long periods of time throughout the day.

Non-Slip Safety Mats

Use non-slip safety mats in areas around the warehouse that require traction to reduce slips and falls, such as wet or greasy areas. Rubber mats with a tread top will give good traction. You can also use mats with drainage holes to ensure that liquid will not sit on top and create a hazardous environment.

Dust Control Mats

Keep your warehouse clean and reduce allergens by reducing dust accumulation. Dust can be tracked into areas of the warehouse or the building from the outdoors. Classic mats with dirt filters are excellent at holding onto dust and fine dirt.

Forklift Mats

The tires of forklifts can bring a lot of dirt inside as they move goods in and out of the warehouse. Mats for this area need to be able to support a heavyweight, as well as scrape and wipe the tires of dirt and debris.

Signage Mats

Mats that share a message are a good way to get important warnings or directions across. Consider using a message mat to clearly display the information you need to convey.

Floor Protection Mats

Place warehouse mats along high-traffic walkways where the floor could become damaged or worn. Choose a rubber-backed mat for increased durability.

Find Your Warehouse Mat Supply With City Clean

Warehouse mats are an important component to support your business. City Clean can work with you to review all the areas where warehouse mats may be required inside your business and create an effective mat strategy. If you have any questions, we’d be happy to help. Book a mat rental consultation or contact us to get more information on the warehouse mat supply we offer.