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Classic Mats

Classic Mats

Our standard mats feature BASF’s solution-dyed nylon yarn. In addition to these benefits, these mats have a built-in static dissipative feature to provide permanent protection against harmful static electricity.

The right entrance floor mat stops dirt and water at your door and provides a safe surface to walk on. Protect your floors from dirt and particulate matter and improve safety and indoor air quality. Classic floor mats in Canada provide a cushioned surface for the employees and they can improve productivity. Working on solid floors leads to tired joints which eventually lowers down productivity. Classic Mats can be a major influencer for big businesses as they increase productivity and boost employee morale.

Features of City Clean Classic Mats:

  • High twist, heat-set nylon yarn construction resists packing and crushing.
  • Dirt filters into the mat rather than remaining on top.
  • Mat is static-dissipative with StainStopper™ Technology
  • Yarn-dyed with Perma-Dye™ dying technology for vibrant color
  • 100% Nitrile rubber backing for increased slip and skid resistance
  • Certified “high traction” by the National Floor Safety Institute

Benefits of Installing Classic Commercial Mats

Safety – Entrances face maximum foot traffic and especially in commercial facilities where people are mostly in a rush. This increases the chances of slips and falls. Installing floor mats reduces the chances of such occurrences and improves safety. Our mats are engineered to absorb dirt and other derbies that might enter the facility through the footwear. They also absorb the moisture when people put their foot on the mats before entering.

Protects Flooring – Interior flooring is expensive and a long-term investment. They can get scratches, stains, or scuff marks from the dirt, debris, sand particles or moisture that comes along with visitor’s footwear and damage the flooring. Installing custom floor mats can reduce the damage by absorbing the harmful particles at the entrance itself and help maintain the décor of a facility.

Brings Down The Maintenance Costs – The main source of polluting the interiors comes from the bottom of the footwear. With floor mats installed, most of the dirt, debris or sand particles are absorbed within the mat. This brings down the maintenance to only cleaning, mopping, and vacuuming.

Better Interiors – When you have the classic commercial mats installed in your facility, you are ensuring that the interiors are clean and almost free from dust. This improves air quality and provides a healthy environment for the visitors as well as employees. Also, clean interiors mean that visitors will feel welcomed and your facility will have a more professional outlook.

City Clean is the leading provider of all types of mats across Canada. Get in touch with us today and get a 1-week mat rental as a free trial.

Classic Mats FAQs

What are classic mats?

Classic mats are stylish & durable floor mats for daily use and are available at an affordable price. The right floor mat stops dirt & water at your door & provides a safe surface to walk on.

How do you clean classic mats?

Choose a mild soap designed to wash rubber and mix it with water. Cover the rubber mats with the cleaning solution and use a strong hose or a pressure washer at the lowest level to try and bust up some of the tougher dirt and stains. Take a brush with stiff bristles and scrub the mats to remove dirt.

What is the best material for classic mats?

There are several materials available for classic mats such as synthetic or natural fabric doormats including cotton, wool, nylon, acrylic, cotton blend and polyester. However, the best material is nylon yarn, these mats have a built-in static dissipative feature to provide permanent protection against harmful static electricity.

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