Workplace Accidents

As a business owner, it is your duty to maintain safe conditions in all areas used by your customers and employees. Taking precautions to minimize accidents and incidents is the best way to reduce the number of injuries that occur in your space. While there are a variety of accident types that can occur, slip and fall accidents are among the most common.

Commercial mats are one of the best ways to prevent slip and fall accidents. Placing safety floor mats at entrance ways and in all areas where floors may become wet and slippery means that water and dirt will be trapped before it reaches your floors and creates a hazard. Working with a mat rental company, that can not only provide you with the best mats for your business, but also properly clean the mats regularly so they maintain their function, should be a key element in your floor safety mat strategy.

Slips, Trips And Fall Accidents

Business owners should be aware of the following details when it comes to keeping your workplace safe and how commercial mats can help.

  • A “slip” occurs when there is too little traction or friction between the shoe and a walking surface.
  • A “trip” occurs when a person’s foot contacts an object that is in their way or drops to a lower level unexpectedly.
  • A “fall” is a sudden, uncontrollable descent.

Additionally, the most common types of slips, trips and falls include:

  • A traditional slip and fall where a person’s center of gravity is unbalanced after losing secure contact with the floor.
  • A stub and fall where an unseen or unexpected obstruction like a lifted sidewalk or a floor mat that has curled causes issue.
  • A trip and fall due to a foreign object on the floor, such as a power cord or an unseen or unexpected step.

Using Mats For Business To Prevent Accidents

Slippery surfaces are the leading cause of slip and fall accidents. Even if your space uses nonporous types of flooring (wood, concrete or linoleum) that are easier to clean and maintain, they typically provide little traction and can contribute to dangerous conditions. With the right floor safety mats, business owners can protect themselves from lawsuits involving falls and resulting injuries.

The right commercial mats can:

  • Provide much needed traction and trap water and dirt at entrance ways in addition to other spill prone areas such as restaurants kitchens and prep spaces, warehouses or shower and bathroom spaces.
  • Protect against seasonally slippery floors caused by rain, ice and snow.
  • Provide high quality rubber safety mats that stay in place.
  • Properly and safely cover tripping hazards and help even out floor surfaces.

Floor mats can be a very positive addition to your business and can play an important role in preventing employees or customers from sustaining an injury. In order to make sure you have the best commercial mats for your business, contact City Clean. Our mat experts will make sure that your floor safety mats fit your space properly, are in good condition, are properly cleaned and are the right mats that will provide safety solutions for your unique needs.