Do You Have Safety Floor Mats In All The Right Places?

It’s a common assumption to think that once entrance mats are placed on the floor, you’ve taken the steps needed to create a safe environment. While it’s true that safety floor mats placed at entry ways can help to reduce slip and fall accidents, it is certainly not the only thing to be done if you are truly interested in protecting your customers and employees. In fact, there are many ways to use safety floor mats to improve your building’s overall safety. Read more

Protect Your Floors From Spring Rain With WaterHog Floor Mats

Spring weather is finally here! While people are shedding their heavy coats, snow shovels, and other winter gear, this change in season should serve as a heads-up that troublesome precipitation is around the corner. Spring can bring a healthy dose of rain, so you’ll need to make sure your business is ready. Do you have the best floor mats in place to protect your floors from spring’s wet weather? Read more

Are Rubber Mats A Good Idea?

Because many surfaces are prone to causing slips and falls, choosing the right safety floor mats is an important decision. While there are many mat options to choose from, rubber mats are a top choice for certain environments. For example, rubber safety mats are durable, easy to clean, and provide some padding, which makes them a perfect addition to slippery areas or areas where spills occur. Read more

Safety Mats for Playgrounds

When it comes to creating a safe space, adding safety floor mats is one of the best options. The truth is, matting really does matter everywhere! When it comes to keeping children safe, adding mats to playgrounds and play spaces is something that is often overlooked. You may have noticed that new public playgrounds or playgrounds that are being renovated are having safety rubber mats put in as flooring instead of wood chips, sand or gravel. An outdoor rubber mat can greatly reduce injuries children may sustain from a trip or fallRead more

Mats & Floorcare

We’ve talked previously about the importance of office mats and how they help your business succeed. Choosing the best floor mats that are both clean and safe, will contribute to the positive first impression you want people to have about your business. The right safety floor mats will also ensure a safe environment for both employees and customers. But have you also thought about what the right office mats can do for your floors?

As much as 80% of dirt carried into your business comes in from shoes and boots. The right office mats will keep your floors in good condition and reduce the wear and tear by protecting them from mud, moisture, bacteria and grime. This means that you will spend less money long term on floor maintenance, repair and replacement.

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Workplace Accidents

As a business owner, it is your duty to maintain safe conditions in all areas used by your customers and employees. Taking precautions to minimize accidents and incidents is the best way to reduce the number of injuries that occur in your space. While there are a variety of accident types that can occur, slip and fall accidents are among the most common.

Commercial mats are one of the best ways to prevent slip and fall accidents. Placing safety floor mats at entrance ways and in all areas where floors may become wet and slippery means that water and dirt will be trapped before it reaches your floors and creates a hazard. Working with a mat rental company, that can not only provide you with the best mats for your business, but also properly clean the mats regularly so they maintain their function, should be a key element in your floor safety mat strategy. Read more