Safety Mats for Playgrounds

When it comes to creating a safe space, adding safety floor mats is one of the best options. The truth is, matting really does matter everywhere! When it comes to keeping children safe, adding mats to playgrounds and play spaces is something that is often overlooked. You may have noticed that new public playgrounds or playgrounds that are being renovated are having safety rubber mats put in as flooring instead of wood chips, sand or gravel. An outdoor rubber mat can greatly reduce injuries children may sustain from a trip or fall

While it is great to see public play spaces being retrofit to include safety floor mats, it is also a good idea for parents and child care providers to give some thought to the floor surfaces used for the playground areas in their own backyard.

How to Make Your Playground Area Safer Using Safety Floor Mats

Playground equipment should never be installed right on grass, concrete, or other hard surfaces, but rather on top of some sort of protective surfacing, such as safety rubber mats. Having solid rubber mats in your play area also means that with just a quick sweep or mop down, the area can be cleaned and sanitized. While there are several options available when it comes to choosing protective playground mats, those made of rubber are the most recommended.

Here is what to look for to ensure that the matting you use will create a safer playground area:

  • A smooth solid surface with clean edges. A smooth rubber surface reduces chances of children tripping on uneven ground. Solid surfaces will also ensure that sharp or dangerous objects sit on top of the surfacing rather than becoming stuck or buried underneath.
  • Anti-slip matting. Using a rubber mats greatly reduces the risk of falls and slips because rubber provides enhanced traction. With busy children running and jumping around, it is extremely helpful for play spaces to have anti-slip properties.
  • The thickness of the mats you choose will help reduce damage from any impact. When a child either trips or falls from an elevated structure, the shock absorbency of a thick rubber mat will help protect them from more serious injury. Thick rubber mats also help reduce stress and tension on joints as kids jump, tumble, and participate in active play.

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