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Floor Safety Mats

Floor safety mats help prevent slipping accidents. Truthfully, floor safety should be an important issue and a top priority for every workplace in Mississauga and across the GTA. Facility floor surfaces need to be consistently kept clean free from debris, dust and any spilled substances. In areas where frequent activity and heavy traffic is expected on a daily basis, there really is no better alternative than to use safety floor mats to improve a work environment.

City Clean offers high quality floor safety mats that can meet your facility’s needs and keep your floors organized, safe, and accident free.

Floor Safety Mats Help Create A Safer Workplace

Safety floor mats don’t often stand out among the typical back drop of a busy commercial space which can include equipment, machines, inventory and a productive work force. However, floor safety mats serve an essential safety purpose including:

  • Electricity insulation.
  • Protection against damaged flooring or workspaces.
  • Reduction in slipping, skidding or falling due to accumulation of liquids.
  • Protection from exposed cables or wires on the floor.

Why Use Safety Floor Mats?

Floor safety mats not only increase the overall safety and aesthetic appeal of your facility, but they also fulfill other specific workplace and safety needs.

Floor Protection. The right safety mats can protect your floor from chipping or scratches. Floor safety mats are composed of high density materials, which makes them ideal to use in areas with high foot traffic and in extreme weather conditions. Workplace safety mats can also be utilized to reduce odour and restrict bacterial development.

Industry-Specific Protection. Floor mats designed to support safety are ideal for intense working environments. There is a wide range of safety mats available for facilities that use metals, assembly lines work stations, chemicals, or electrical sparks.

Oil and Chemical Resistance. Floor mats that support safety are manufactured to restrict the accumulation of slippery and harmful liquids on the surface. The blended surface, vinyl base and disposal holes help achieve maximum resistance when it comes to the accumulation of oils, liquid chemicals and other harmful solvents.

These specific examples demonstrate why installing mats to improve the safety of your facility is critical. By investing in the right mats from City Clean, you’ll reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents while improving the productivity of your employees.

Where To Install Floor Safety Mats?

City Clean can work with you to determine the right mats for your Mississauga work environment. Some of the most common location for safety mats includes:

  • Entrances and exits.
  • Server storage areas.
  • High risk industrial areas.
  • Storage areas for oils, chemicals and other dangerous solvents.
  • Facilities that distribute electrical and chemical products.

Make Your Facility Safer With Mats From City Clean

While adding safety mats is very important, know that the right choice of mats depends on the purpose of use. Not all mats can serve your required purpose, which means that working with City Clean is the best way to ensure you’ll get the mats you need to improve your facility’s safety. For Mississauga and area businesses interested in learning more about floor safety and how commercial mats can help,

Contact us for a consultation.

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