Five of the Best Places in Your Business for Rubber Floor Mats

Have you considered the benefits that rubber mats could be bringing your business? Laying down mats may not be on your to-do list, it is a task that should not be overlooked.

Quality, commercial mats offer many advantages. They can reduce the dirt and moisture that gets tracked indoors to help keep your floors clean and safe. Non-slip mats will also help reduce injuries in your workplace and can make employees more comfortable and productive. On top of these benefits, floor mats will help you present a tidy business to create a great first impression.

Where Can I Place Rubber Mats to Make Them More Effective?

If you are not sure where to place mats in your facility, here are some suggested locations:

  1. Building Entrances

Commercial rubber mats will work to trap dirt and moisture before they enter your business. This is key to keeping your flooring in good repair and making it clean and safe, too. Your mats will help prevent your floors from getting damaged, reduce slips and falls caused by a slippery surface, and highlight a spotless interior for guests.

  1. Lobby

In your reception area and lobby, custom mats can help brand your space. With image mats and logo mats, you can create a personalized look that is all your own. Whether you choose mats that display your company name, logo, greeting, or another message – you will establish a focal point that welcomes guests.

  1. Industrial Areas

Mats that provide drainage and boast quick-dry properties are essential in industrial areas of your business. This includes locations where oil, solvents, grease, and/or other liquids are in use. With industrial rubber mats in these areas, you will be able to improve safety for people on site.

  1. Workspaces

If you have employees standing for long hours at a service counter, kitchen, reception area, or other workspaces, it is important to focus on their comfort. Industrial rubber mats with anti-fatigue properties will help offer cushioning and insulation to support your staff.

  1. Restrooms

Urinal mats are a type of floor mat that will offer a barrier between liquids and floors in your restrooms. The mats will work to limit odours, keep floors clean, and reduce damage to flooring over time so that your restrooms remain clean and sanitary.

Receive a Worry-Free Supply of Commercial Rubber Mats

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