Commercial Mats For Restaurants, Cafeterias, And Food Service Businesses

Commercial mats are necessary for any restaurant or food service environment. The right commercial floor mats will improve the safety, functionality, and comfort for both employees and guests. With slippery or slick floor surfaces and employees standing on their feet for long periods of time, choosing the right mat for your industry is imperative. When it comes to options for commercial mats that are geared toward the restaurant industry, there are actually many options to choose from.

When you are reviewing the criteria for choosing commercial floor mats for your restaurant or food service business, you’ll need to consider where the mats need to be placed, what type of activities are done in each area, and who will benefit from the mats used. By delving a bit more into how the food service industry can effectively use floor mats, it will be easier to determine the mats you need.

Where And Why Are Mats Needed In Food Service Establishments?

One of the first important questions to discuss is where to place commercial mats? Some of the most common areas where floor mats are needed include:

  • Front of the house areas such as host/hostess stations, interior entrance way and bartending station.
  • Back of the house areas such as dishwasher’s stand, cook’s station, and prep areas.

It is of great importance to recognize that you’ll need commercial floor mats that are effective in both wet and dry environments. Particularly in the back of the house areas, commercial mats need to be effective when they are both wet and dry. The right commercial floor mats will ensure that water or other liquids don’t stay on the mat surface but safely drain them away to protect employees against slip & fall accidents.

You’ll also want to ensure that any floor mats you use will also improve the comfort and productivity of your employees. In the food service industry, employees tend to work long hours and often stand on their feet the entire time. Fatigue and muscle soreness are commonly seen in restaurant workers which can lead to downtime, illness, and injury.

Commercial Floor Mat Options For The Food Service Industry

As mentioned, their many choices when it comes to selecting floor mats for your business. However, there are some top choices that can really make a positive impact on your food service business.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue mats provide top comfort for restaurant employees standing on their feet for hours on end. Made with durable nitrile rubber, their surface is slip resistant and provides superior support, lessening the negative effects of standing for long hours. In addition, the drainage holes will keep liquid off the mat surface, reducing the likelihood of slip and fall accidents.

In particular, Comfort Flow anti-fatigue mats are ideal in kitchen areas and provide excellent safety support in both wet and dry areas.

Entrance Mats

When guests enter your restaurant or café, an effective entrance mat will help protect your carpets and floors from the dirt and debris they will track in. These type of mats offer both safety and cleaning capabilities by keeping dirt, water, dust, and grime outside, while also reducing the chance of slip and fall accidents too. Some of the top choices for entrance mats include Water Hog mats that come with a reinforced surface and superb scraping ability or durable SuperScrape mats.

Message Mats Or Image Mats

You can also use floor mats to help set your restaurant apart from the competition. Message mats or Image mats can add a vivid, high quality logos or messages to mats used inside your establishment to welcome guests, promote your brand or communicate other messages to employees and visitors. There is lots of opportunities to customize these mats to meet your needs using different colours, shapes, and sizes.

City Clean Provides Commercial Mats For The Food Service Industry

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