How to Find The Perfect Floor Mats For Your Business

Floor mats in Canada have a tough job. From handling rain, fallen leaves, and debris, to slush, snow, salt, and ice, Canadian businesses need tough mats that can handle the variable weather we see throughout the year. However, in addition to your business floor mats standing up to our changing seasons, you need to be sure you get custom floor mats that work specifically for your business. Read more

3 Reasons You Should Invest In Commercial Floor Mats

Commercial floor mats are one of the most important investments you can make when it comes to making sure that your business remains clean. While we know it can sometimes be difficult to decide to make the investment, mats for business provide countless benefits not only for employees but for everyone who enters your space. Read more

The Different Types of Floor Mats and How To Make The Right Choice

For many Mississauga businesses, keeping your facility in good condition is very important as it contributes to the overall experience of customers, employees, and visitors. Not only do you want to protect and maintain your floors, but you also want your space to look pleasing and professional. That’s why so many business owners are interested in finding the best commercial entrance mats and office mats to help them create the best environment possible. Read more

How Branded Mats Can Help Your Business

Branded mats with your company’s logo or slogan can go a long way toward helping your business succeed. Keep reading to find out four ways high-quality and professionally branded commercial floor mats or office mats can help your company stand out from your competition. Read more

Importance of Facility Management For Your Business

You want your business to reflect an environment that is safe, productive, clean and welcoming to both employees and clients. In an effort to build that ideal environment, business owners need to understand the importance of facilities management and its effects. Responsibilities associated with facility management typically include a wide range of function and support services such as janitorial services, property or building management, engineering services, space planning and other support duties. Read more

Mats & Floorcare

We’ve talked previously about the importance of office mats and how they help your business succeed. Choosing the best floor mats that are both clean and safe, will contribute to the positive first impression you want people to have about your business. The right safety floor mats will also ensure a safe environment for both employees and customers. But have you also thought about what the right office mats can do for your floors?

As much as 80% of dirt carried into your business comes in from shoes and boots. The right office mats will keep your floors in good condition and reduce the wear and tear by protecting them from mud, moisture, bacteria and grime. This means that you will spend less money long term on floor maintenance, repair and replacement.

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Why Hire An Office Cleaning Service?

As businesses grow and change, owners often come to the realization that hiring a professional office cleaning service may help them better manage the health and safety of their business. Analyzing the cost benefits of having professionals manage the cleanliness of your space (think bathrooms right through to commercial entrance mats), usually becomes part of the conversation when it is clear that handling it internally is now costly, unmanageable and unproductive. Read more

Should You Buy Or Rent Your Commercial Floor Mats?

Different businesses and facilities will take different approaches when it comes to the maintenance and safety of their space. Our mat rental experts at City Clean often get asked whether it is better to buy or rent commercial floor mats and we know that there isn’t one answer that will work for everyone.  However, when it comes to floor mat rentals, we can tell you that there are many advantages to using a mat rental service. Read more