City Clean is a leading supplier of high-quality washroom supplies in Brampton, offering products that enhance cleanliness, safety, and hygiene.

Hand Soaps and Sanitizers

City Clean introduces a mild hand soap, an effective blend that cleans while leaving hands refreshed and germ-free. Our hand sanitizer eliminates up to 99.9% of common germs and bacteria, providing instant cleanliness without soap and water. This hydrating formula keeps your skin smooth and protected.

Toilet Paper and Facial Tissues

As a top provider of washroom supplies in Brampton, City Clean ensures you have access to premium toilet paper and facial tissues. Whether you need single or double roll dispensers for high-traffic areas, we have you covered. Our facial tissues, ideal for both daily use and the cold and flu season, offer softness, absorbency, and strength.

Floor Cleaner

City Clean’s floor cleaners are vital for keeping public and commercial spaces clean and safe. Effective on various surfaces like hardwood, tile, and laminate, they tackle dirt and stains effortlessly. Our floor cleaner ensures your floors remain spotless, enhancing safety and minimizing accidents.

Urinal Screens and Disposable Mats

Maintaining hygiene is easy with City Clean’s urinal screens and disposable mats. Our urinal screens fight bad odors, and our disposable mats are perfect for restrooms, absorbing spills, controlling smells, and preventing bacterial growth.

Air Fresheners

Creating a lasting impression with a pleasant aroma is crucial. City Clean offers a selection of air fresheners to establish a welcoming atmosphere in your establishment.

Garbage Bags

Our strong garbage bags resist tears and are key for efficient waste management. Available in various sizes and strengths, City Clean’s bags are ideal for both home and commercial settings.

Contact City Clean for Washroom Supplies in Brampton

City Clean, known for its washroom supplies in Brampton, is committed to improving comfort, hygiene, and safety in workplaces. For more details on our products, reach out to us at 416-231-2722 or via email.