City Clean stands out as the premier provider of top-notch washroom supplies in Hamilton. Our range of products offers cleanliness, safety, and hygiene solutions.

Hand Soaps and Sanitizers

City Clean presents a gentle hand soap, a potent mix that not only cleans but also leaves your hands feeling rejuvenated and free from germs. Our hand sanitizer eradicates up to 99.9% of widespread germs and bacteria, offering immediate cleanliness in the absence of soap and water. City Clean’s hand sanitizer is a hydrating formula, ensuring your skin stays smooth and safeguarded.

Toilet Paper and Facial Tissues

As a provider of washroom supplies in Hamilton, City Clean guarantees access to superior quality toilet paper and facial tissues. Our products meet all needs, from single to double roll dispensers for busy areas. Our facial tissues are perfect for both the cold and flu season and daily use, offering softness, absorbency, and durability.

Floor Cleaner

City Clean’s floor cleaning solutions are indispensable for maintaining the cleanliness and safety of any public or commercial area. These products work on all types of surfaces, including hardwood, tile, and laminate, combating dirt and stains efficiently. With our floor cleaner, your floors will stay immaculate, boosting safety and reducing the likelihood of accidents.

Urinal Screens and Disposable Mats

City Clean’s urinal screens and disposable mats are essential for keeping a hygienic environment. Our urinal screens combat unpleasant odors, while our disposable mats offer a hygienic solution for restroom floors, absorbing spills, controlling odors, and inhibiting bacterial growth.

Air Fresheners

The aroma of your establishment is key in creating a memorable customer experience. City Clean appreciates the importance of a good scent and provides a variety of air freshener options to help forge an inviting ambiance.

Garbage Bags

Our durable garbage bags are designed to withstand tearing and are crucial for effective waste management. City Clean offers these bags in various sizes and strengths, suitable for both residential and commercial use.

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