City Clean has established itself as the leading provider of high-quality washroom supplies in North York. Our products represent the ultimate in comfort, safety, and hygiene solutions.

Hand Soaps and Sanitizers

City Clean offers a soothing hand soap, an effective blend that cleans while making your hands feel fresh and germ-free. Our hand sanitizer kills up to 99.9% of common germs and bacteria, providing instant cleanliness when soap and water are unavailable. City Clean’s hand sanitizer is a moisturizing formula that leaves your skin feeling smooth and protected.

Toilet Paper and Facial Tissues

Providing washroom supplies in North York, City Clean ensures that you have access to premium toilet paper and facial tissues. Whether you need single or double roll dispensers for high-traffic areas, we have you covered. Whether it’s cold and flu season or for everyday use, our facial tissues offer softness, absorbency, and strength.

Floor Cleaner

Our floor cleaning products are essential for the cleanliness and safety of any public or commercial location. Suitable for all surfaces, including hardwood, tile, and laminate, these solutions effectively fight dirt and stains. By using City Clean’s floor cleaner, your floors will remain spotless, enhancing the safety of your space and minimizing accident risks.

Urinal Screens and Disposable Mats

City Clean’s urinal screens and disposable mats maintain cleanliness in men’s restrooms. Our urinal screens eliminate foul smells, and our disposable mats provide a sanitary solution for restroom floors. These mats soak up spills, control odors, and prevent bacterial proliferation.

Air Fresheners

The scent of your business plays a crucial role in shaping the overall experience and impression of your customers. At City Clean, we understand the power of fragrance and offer a wide range of air freshener solutions that help you create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere.

Garbage Bags

Our sturdy garbage bags resist tearing and are vital for efficient waste management. Available in multiple sizes and thicknesses, City Clean’s garbage bags cater to both home and business requirements.

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