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Waterhog Floor Mats

Water Hog

Waterhog Plus Mats boast the rugged, durable construction of Waterhog Premier Mats with top-of-the-line Nitrile rubber backing for a long-lasting, flexible and easy to clean Waterhog solution. Waterhog Plus Mats are eco-friendly mats perfect for high-traffic locations and work great while remaining flat, even with frequent handling.

Each Waterhog plus mat has a unique swirl pattern which works its way into shoes to remove water and debris.

Waterhog Plus door mats can be cleaned via vacuuming, hosing down, extraction cleaning and even laundering them in a commercial washer & dryer.

The Waterhog Plus floor mats work well both indoors and out.

A water dam rubber border keeps liquids in the trenches of this waterhog mat and off the floor.

Waterhog Plus Mats boast an anti-static, polypropylene surface that quickly dries and doesn’t fade or rot.

Nitrile rubber-reinforced surface, borders and backing give these waterhog mats great flexibility, durability and strength.

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