Signs Your Office Mats Need to Be Changed

As with all parts of your business, at some point you’ll find yourself planning for future repair and maintenance needs. For those Mississauga businesses trying to budget for office mats and their potential replacement, it’s helpful to know more about the most common variables that determine when replacements may be needed.

Office floor mats often come with a suggested replacement schedule, but you’ll need to inspect your own mats specifically to get a better idea on how they’re holding up. Remember, business floor mats play an important role when it comes to the health and safety of your business, so be sure to make this task a regular occurrence.

Do Your Office Mats Need to Be Refreshed?

Eliminate the guess work, take a look at the top three signs that your office floor mats should be changed or replaced. If you need help determining the best matting for your business, reach out to the expert team at City Clean. We’d be happy to work with you.

  1. Moisture and dirt beyond the mat.

If you’ve noticed that you’re spending extra time cleaning your floors and mopping up after wet weather, chances are your business floor mats aren’t performing as they should be. If your mats are no longer doing their job to prevent slip and fall accidents by removing moisture and debris, it’s time to make a change.

  1. Damage to your floors.

In addition to removing dirt and moisture, an effective mat should protect your floors. If you’re noticing scratches and scuffs on your flooring, this means that your mats are no longer doing a good job at removing contaminants and it’s time to look into a rental program.

  1. Transition from mat to floor is no longer smooth.

The transition from entrance mats or from any office mats to flooring should be smooth and not include any abrupt changes in level. Bumpy transitions could result in tripping accidents and make it more difficult and dangerous for people with disabilities to enter your space. If your matting no longer provides a safe transition, you will need to reach out to a City Clean floor safety expert to replace it as soon as possible.

In addition to the three signs listed above, you should also watch your mats for sun fading, chipped or worn rubber, rippling or the inability to stay where placed. If you notice any of these things, your office floor mats are likely no longer usable.

Replacing Commercial Floor Mats in Mississauga

Changes that occur in your commercial matting won’t always be obvious and can happen slowly over time, making it important for you to regularly inspect your mats. It’s also a good idea to create a plan that includes different types of mats, such as mats for extreme weather or to better handle your busy season. At City Clean, we have the mats you need for every area of your facility, from classic entrance mats to WaterHog mats, and everything in between. We can work with you to determine the best options for your needs and support your business with our effective mat rental program. To start discussing how we can help your business, call us at 647-931-9758.