How Urinal Screens and Mats Help Keep Restrooms Clean

The way the bathrooms in your facility look and smell will have a lasting impression on the customers you serve. The last thing anyone wants to see, or smell is someone else’s urine. Ideally, you want a pleasant scent in your restroom matched with clean and dry floors, something that can be achieved with the right facility management supplies.

Is your Mississauga business currently using urinal screens and urinal mats? These tools can make a huge difference, working to deodorize, block debris and protect your urinal drains. Designed to support restrooms in offices, corporate buildings, restaurants and schools, adding these items to your supply list will support your business success.

Why You Need Urinal Supplies That Create A Better Restroom Experience

It should come as no surprise that urinals can be a breeding ground for germs and unpleasant odours. Facility management supplies for urinals can really help keep those undesirable factors under control. In addition to preventing an unpleasant environment, urinal supplies can also improve the overall health and safety of your facility by reducing potential health risks that can come from unmaintained urinals.

Urinal Screens

Screens used in urinals help prevent drain blockages as well as provide odour control. They are placed directly in a urinal to trap the odour of uric salts that are present in urine and are an excellent solution to odour issues when used regularly.

Always disposable, screens need to be replaced approximately every 60 days. The block inside the screen will start to dissolve allowing you and your employees to see when it needs to be replaced. After 30 days, you’ll also notice a difference in odour control as they start to lose their effectiveness due to enzymes and fragrance being depleted.

Urinal Mats

Designed to capture and remove odours, these preventative tools stop urine from puddling under urinals. In addition to improving a restroom’s appearance, mats also keep them smelling fresh and clean. In fact, the most pungent of smells tend to come from dried urine on the floor, and not the urinal itself. Mats will typically last 30 days but may need to be replaced sooner depending on your restroom traffic.

Be sure your floors have been disinfected and then place urinal mats as needed to prevent future odours from becoming a problem. Mississauga businesses should also know that if you don’t invest in restroom floor protection, urine deposits will not only contribute to an unpleasant smell, but they’ll also cause lasting damage to your floors.

Keep Your Restrooms at Their Best with City Clean

Keeping your company’s restrooms clean and fresh is not an easy job. It requires planning and a proactive approach to ensure odours and germs are kept at bay. At City Clean, we’ll use our expert knowledge to suggest the right tools for your needs as well as provide the best facility management supplies to help keep your bathrooms safe and sanitary. To find out more about the top quality supplies we offer, contact us today.