Commercial Rubber Mats to Provide a Safe Anti-Slip Surface

Rubber safety mats aren’t just for warehouse workers. All types of businesses in Mississauga, ON, are using these mats to provide safe, anti-slip surfaces. This includes schools, gyms, offices, medical clinics, and retail stores. The rubber is durable, shock-absorbent, and resistant to slips. It will protect laminate, tile, hardwood, and ceramic flooring — and people too.

If you are considering industrial rubber mats for your business, below are three ways they will help.

1. Provide Better Grip

You can reduce falls on slippery surfaces with rubber safety mats. Entrances, kitchens, washrooms, and other areas of your business may be prone to wetness. There may also be a risk of messy spills in your workplace. The mats will provide a safer surface to walk on compared to wet floors.

2. Keep Staff Safe

Certain types of safety rubber mats can also reduce stress on your staff. If employees are standing for long hours, the strain on their muscles and joints could cause injuries. Over time, this could lead to weakened production and absences. You can protect your teams from strain with rubber mats.

3. Protect Your Business

The durable rubber of commercial mats can protect your floors from damage. Whether your business is prone to heavy drops or spills, the mats provide a layer of protection and proper drainage. They also have natural antimicrobial properties, so mould and microorganisms won’t grow on or under the material.

Order Industrial Rubber Mats from City Clean

We supply businesses in Mississauga, ON, with all types of quality mats coming in various sizes and thicknesses to suit every business. The mats are of high quality, eco-friendly, and designed for commercial use. Best of all, we aim to keep mats out of landfills. When damaged, we take time to repair them. At end of life, we ensure they’re recycled to limit waste.

We offer a quick turnaround on new mat orders. We also provide services on a regular schedule to replace and repair commercial mats. We’ll stick to a schedule that works for you without interrupting your operations.

City Clean has been a mat rental service provider since 1972. In recent years, we have expanded our offerings to include facility management services. We support business-owners with maintaining clean and safe workplaces. Our offerings also include hand soap, sanitizer, and air fresheners that are cost-effective and eco-friendly.

For more information, contact us or fill out a mat rental consultation request to get started with safety rubber mats.