Start the New Year Promoting Your Company with Logo Mats in Canada!

If you’re looking to try a new marketing tactic in the new year, custom logo mats could be the answer. Their combination of eye-catching design and durability serves many benefits for businesses. We all know that mats will protect your floors and help keep businesses clean. But image mats also have the power to boost sales and strengthen your company’s brand.

Learn more about the benefits of these mats below!

Improve Your First Impressions

First impressions happen quickly when patrons arrive at your business. One of the first areas that they will notice upon arrival is your entrance. Not only will logo floor mats keep your entryway dry and clean, but they can also help to promote your company’s image. You can establish your brand from the get-go with your logo and tagline on a floor mat. Customers will be sure to notice your image mat, and it could be just the right marketing tactic that gives you an extra edge in the new year.

Increase Your Brand Awareness

Floors are not the first location that many business-owners think of when it comes to advertising. But the truth is, floor space is highly valuable real estate for marketing. In addition to your main entranceway, you can place logo mats throughout the floors of your business. This provides customers with multiple brand touchpoints during their visit with you. The mats will also keep your floors clean and dry wherever you place them. Consider your service counters, elevators, foyers, and many more high-traffic areas.

Share Your Unique Message

With custom logo mats, you get to choose the images and information that are displayed on the mats. In addition to your logo and tagline, there are so many creative ways to share important business information. You can even get creative and direct customers toward specific products or highlight a promotion or event. The possibilities are endless when it comes to helping customers find their way or inspiring additional purchases.

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