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Hand Soap Refills And Dispensers In Toronto

The current focus on public health has made hand-washing more important than ever. Soap and supplies are essential for commercial washrooms and kitchens. As a business owner, you can help prevent the spread of germs by providing soap in your kitchens and bathrooms. In busy medical clinics, offices and warehouses, antibacterial hand soap is critical. That’s why business owners are connecting with City Clean for soap that will encourage handwashing at work.

City Clean supplies more than just soap. We also supply business soap dispensers for commercial kitchens and restrooms. Our team can help you order new dispensers or upgrade existing ones. Soap and dispensers can improve hand hygiene and contribute to reducing the spread of germs throughout your building.

Why Soap Refills are Important

City Clean supplies companies with many types of soap designed to:

  • Reduce germs: Bacteria and germs will build upon bar soap. Sharing this in your business can spread infections as well. With no-touch dispensers, you can reduce contact at the sink and limit the spread of germs.
  • Encourage handwashing: If soap isn’t available in your restroom or kitchen, people may skip handwashing. You can encourage hand hygiene with liquid or foaming hand soap.
  • Always be available: City Clean supplies ongoing soap refills so that your dispensers are never running on empty.
  • Reduce sink scum: Bar soap can leave scum on your sinks and counters. This is a prime location for bacteria to grow. You can reduce this residue by dispensing soap right into your hand using soap dispensers Canada that are contact-free.
  • Protect people at work: Foaming hand soap and other types of soap can contribute to a clean and safe environment for everyone who enters your business.


Industries Served

At City Clean, we provide facility management supplies to businesses in many industries. Office buildings, warehouses, condos, and manufacturing centres are some of the sectors we serve. No matter your industry, we will work with you to supply solutions for sanitary workspaces.

About City Clean

City Clean believes in supporting safe and clean workplaces. We’ve been working with businesses since 1972 to provide facility management supplies in Toronto and beyond. Our offerings include hand sanitizer, garbage bags, mops and other products to support clean and safe businesses.

Whether you’re looking for a liquid hand soap refill, dispensers or another product, contact us for more information.

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