With a variety of quality mats and facility maintenance products, City Clean can provide the following products. For more information contact us at 1-877-649-7747.

Air Fresheners

Create a clean, fresh-smelling building with air fresheners supplied by City Clean. No matter your industry, we supply industrial-strength products to ensure your workplace and washrooms have a welcoming smell.

Our rental program requires no up-front investment. The air fresheners we supply use a slow release to avoid overwhelming fragrances. We also change up the scent every 60 days to keep your building fresh.

Control Odours with Air Fresheners

Welcome guests and employees into your workplace with a refreshing fragrance. First impressions happen quickly, and a ghastly odour will turn people away. You can also improve your team’s morale and keep customers happy with industrial air fresheners supplied by City Clean.

  • Clean, fresh fragrances
  • Neutralize air odours
  • Worry-free schedule
  • Rotating scents every 60 days
  • Recyclable cartridge refills

Toronto Businesses that Use Air Fresheners

  • Apartment buildings and condo properties: Mask and eliminate odours in hallways and common areas. Improve the experience for residents who live near garbage areas and trash chutes.
  • Office buildings: Office air fresheners will keep your entire workplace smelling fresh. This can contribute to a positive mood for you and your team. Your employees will be able to focus more and improve their productivity. Commercial washroom air care supplies can also make sure your office’s restrooms are never smelly.
  • Fitness centres and gyms: Clients deserve to work out in a facility that isn’t overwhelmed with sweat and body odours. Neutralize odours in the locker rooms with bathroom air fresheners to improve each gym-goer’s experience.

Whether you’re looking for office air purifiers, commercial washroom air fresheners or another facility management product, contact City Clean to place your order.

About City Clean

We’ve been in business since 1972, providing mat rental services to businesses in the Greater Toronto Area. Over the years, we’ve expanded to provide more facility management services and products that keep businesses clean and tidy.

In addition to a clean workplace, we value a cleaner environment. That’s why we use green and efficient practices to do our part. As part of our commercial air freshener service, we supply cartridges that are completely recyclable. This ensures our services align with our many of our customers’ green initiatives.

Contact us to order air purifiers for your GTA business and discuss your facility management needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How long do your air fresheners last?

Air fresheners supplied by City Clean are slow release for up to 60 days to avoid overwhelming fragrance. We also offer rotating scents to avoid “nose blindness” and to keep your business smelling fresh. Reach out to our customer service representatives to discuss your business needs. We’re happy to provide more information about our offerings and support your workplace.

What is the average area that an air freshener will cover?

We supply industrial-strength products to support businesses in a wide range of industries. Our customer service representatives are happy to offer their professional recommendations on the air fresheners that are required to keep your business smelling fresh. Get in touch with us at City Clean to discuss your specific business needs.

What fragrances do you offer?

We offer clean, fresh fragrances to improve your business environment for customers, guests, and employees. Our current scents are spiced apple, cucumber melon, summer sunshine, mango, and cotton blossom.  The air fresheners we supply also are slow-release to avoid overwhelming fragrances, and we recommend that you change up the scent every 60 days. Place an order or contact us for more information.

What makes your products better?

The air freshener products we supply are industrial strength to make sure your facility has a refreshing and welcoming smell. We supply clean, fresh fragrances on a worry-free schedule, with rotating scents every 60 days to keep your business smelling great. Contact us to learn more about choosing City Clean for your facility supply products.

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