Why Outsourcing Facility Management Supplies is a Smart Business Decision

Keep your building in pristine condition with a healthy stock of facility management supplies. Now more than ever, clean and tidy buildings are a priority. Whether you’re responsible for a residential building or commercial property, such as a gym, daycare or office, your guests expect to enter a sanitary space. And, as the property manager, it’s your responsibility to deliver.

If you’ve been purchasing your own facility supplies, consider the benefits of outsourcing. You could be saving much-needed time and reducing your expenses — both of which will provide a boost to your business.

Extend the Life of Your Building

Buildings that are in good condition tend to suffer less damage. You can limit how much your business spends on costly repairs by keeping your business clean year-round. By working with facility management suppliers, you will be well-stocked on mops, garbage bags and other products that keep buildings in prime condition.

Keep People Safe

With a renewed focus on public health, indoor spaces must be maintained at higher levels of cleanliness. A well-stocked corporate facility supply can help ensure your space is sanitary and meets public health standards. This includes purchasing hand sanitizer, wet mops and hand soap, all of which will work towards keeping people safe and buildings clean.

Secure Wholesale Prices

Buying facility supplies at the store is costly, not to mention time-consuming. Instead of paying full price for products, why not take advantage of wholesale prices? When you work with facility management suppliers, you can buy items in bulk to ensure you always have supplied on hand at a cost that is much less per unit than retail stores.

Worry-Free Ordering

When you work with a corporate facility supply company such as City Clean, you can rest easy with your purchases. Many of our products, such as non-toxic air fresheners, operate on a worry-free schedule that covers re-ordering. This means you’ll always have a supply of products on hand to keep your building clean and tidy.

Showcase a Clean Business in Mississauga, ON

City Clean has been helping business-owners keep facilities tidy in Mississauga, ON and around the GTA since 1972. We recognize the value in having a clean building for customers and guests. That’s why we work with you directly to provide solutions for safe and sanitary buildings.

Whether you need hand sanitizer, commercial mats, soap, cleanser or other products, give us a call. We’re happy to offer a one-week free trial to get you started and show you the difference we can make.