Office Entrance Mats: Finding the Perfect Match

Trapping dirt, water, and debris from entering your office begins at your entryway. If you’re finding elements from the outdoors, such as leaves, water, sand, and more, in your facility, entrance mats for commercial buildings will help.

These mats will absorb excess moisture and eliminate debris when people enter, helping to keep your floors clean and dry. You’ll benefit from flooring in your facility that looks great, creates positive first impressions, and helps reduce slips and falls.

Not sure which office mats are the perfect match for your business? Consider some of the following options:

Classic Mats

Classic mats are a stylish, durable type of office mat. They feature BASF’s solution-dyed nylon yarn. They also have a built-in static dissipative feature to provide permanent protection against harmful static electricity. As people enter your office, dirt will get trapped in the mat rather than remaining on top.

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Brush Mats

These office entrance mats have extra-coarse monofilament nylon fibers combined with traditional solution-dyed fibers. This creates excellent scraping and wiping action for maximum soil-stopping power in your business.

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SuperScrape Mats

These all-rubber mats will trap tough dirt and grime from entering your facility. They feature a molded tread surface that scrapes shoes, is slip-resistant, and provides anti-fatigue properties.

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Waterhog Floor Mats

This type of office entrance mat has a unique swirl pattern that traps water and debris. These mats work well indoors and outdoors, and they also feature a water dam rubber border to keep liquids off your floors.

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Image Mats and Message Mats

Both of these mats are high-performing and eye-catching. They allow you to enhance your interior with mats that boast a custom image or message. You’ll be able to greet guests with attractive mats that also support keeping your business clean.

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How to Choose the Best Entrance Mats for Commercial Buildings

You can rely on the friendly team at City Clean in Mississauga, ON to guide you in selecting the best type of mat for your office. We specialize in solutions for clean, safe workplaces for businesses across the Greater Toronto Area in a range of industries. Plus, with our mat rental program, you’ll benefit from fast, reliable service that includes pick up, cleaning, drop off, repair, and replacement services.

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