Commercial Mats 101: What They Are and Where to Use Them

Creating a clean, safe facility for customers, guests, and employees is important in business. A spotless facility not only looks great and creates positive first impressions, but it also helps keep people safe and productive. Commercial matting is one tool that can help deliver on these objectives, especially when you have a trusted mat partner on your side.

Keep reading to learn more about these mats, how they will benefit your business, and who you can turn to for quick, reliable service.

What Are Commercial Mats?

Mats throughout your facility will go a long way when it comes to reducing dust, eliminating debris, and absorbing extra moisture. When your floors are clean and dry, you’ll be able to reduce slips and falls in your facility and help your employees stay productive.

There are a wide range of commercial mats to choose from to support your specific business needs, including rubber mats, anti-fatigue mats, message mats, image mats, and more. Available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, you’ll be able to find mats that meet your most exacting requirements.

Which Industries Benefit from Commercial Mats?

From offices to warehouses, healthcare clinics, manufacturing companies, retail businesses, many industries benefit from floor mats in their facilities. However, not all businesses are alike and the types of mats your company needs may differ from another. That’s why it’s important to work with a trusted mat partner to create solutions for a safe, clean work environment in your business specifically.

Where to Use Commercial Matting?

Placement for mats in your facility begins at the entrance. Here, you can limit dirt, water, and debris from entering your business in all seasons, and even create a warm welcome with image mats and message mats.

Then, in work areas, hallways, kitchens, restrooms, and open spaces, matting can offer additional advantages. This includes protecting your floors, providing comfort for employees, reducing slips and falls, and more benefits for both safety and cleanliness.

Choose Commercial Matting Services from City Clean in the Greater Toronto Area

To achieve the above advantages in your facility, it’s important to work with a reliable partner for commercial matting services. At City Clean in Mississauga, ON, we’re proud to be a leader in mat rental services since 1972.

Choose from our large selection of more than 100 mat options to suit your business needs. Our friendly team in Mississauga, ON will help you select mats that will best suit cleanliness and safety in your facility. We offer fast, efficient, and reliable service that includes pick up, cleaning, drop off, repair, and replacement.

To get started and learn more about mat rentals for your business, contact us today!