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Why Rent Mats in a Business?

Why rent mats? Isn’t it better to purchase floor mats for a business once and not have to pay for them again?

When supplying mats to a business, there are two options: ownership or rental. This article will discuss why businesses rent mats.

Why Rent Mats in Your Business

Some of the common issues that business owners face include keeping their space clean and in good repair, creating brand awareness, having productive employees and using processes that are efficient and cost-effective.  Renting mats for business can help with all of those areas!

Cleaning and Maintenance Automated

When you rent business floor mats, it means someone else is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the mats. It also means that you have someone with expertise who can provide solutions for your specific space and your specific needs.  Whether you are in the healthcare industry, a retail store or a commercial office space, a rental mat company can offer you a solution that works for your business.

Process and automation are a welcome addition to any business owner’s life. With so much to oversee, having your business floor mats serviced and maintained on a regular schedule is just one less thing you have to worry about.  That means that your place of business will look clean, professional and well-maintained without any added work for you or your employees.

Saved Time, Money, and Frustration

Taking care of mats on your own takes time, money, and a surprising amount of coordination.

  • Time – The time required to clean a mat is entirely dependent on the machinery available. If an industrial washer is on the premises along with a carpet spinner, it might only take an hour and change from start to finish. If the only machinery available is a hose, elbow grease, and something to hang the mat on outside, you’re looking at a 4 to 6 hour job, with two of those hours being active.
  • Money – Assuming the industrial machinery is not available, you’re paying for the employee’s labor,  detergents, and utilities. Multiply those numbers by the number of mats in the business. Moreover, if care is done improperly, you’ll probably have to replace the mat much sooner.
  • Frustration – If mats are cleaned during working hours – those areas they’re supposed to be protecting are unprotected during that time. A mat service will replace the dirty mat with a clean one, meaning that the floor and business are protected 100% of the time.

Simplified Matting

Purchasing and maintaining matting is not a straightforward process. You have to determine which type of matting you want to purchase, find a trusted, proven manufacturer, and finally pay a premium. Even when all that is taken care of, cleaning and maintenance is where the real costs come in over time.

Mat rental simplifies the purchase and maintenance process by providing a selection of products designed for every possible need. Then, mats will be delivered and exchanged for fresh ones at regular intervals.

Clean, Effective Branding

Mats for business can be more than just a place to catch dirt and water. Many business owners make use of the option to add a logo or message to the business floor mats they use throughout their space – an efficiency that is a welcomed addition.

Considering mats occupy the most trafficked areas of the business, they’re an optimal spot to have you brand’s logo, message, or anything else! Our matting experts can create a custom logo mat or a completely custom mat for your business.

Many Mats to Choose From

An experienced mat service will have every kind of matting your business could need. An experienced mat rental service will have all accessible to your business. From entrance mats to anti-fatigue mats and scraper mats, there’s a host of options to choose from. Your account rep will be able to help you decide which mats your business could use.

Contrast that with the purchase option. It’s up to you to decide what mats to get and where to purchase them from. Additionally, you’re left figuring out how to clean and maintain them from then on. Mat rental massively simplifies and optimizes the process.

Why Go with City Clean for Your Mat Rental Needs?

At City Clean, we know that we can support business owners, regardless of industry, and add value through our rental mats for business services.  The information above covers just some of the reasons why business owners should consider renting business mats. To find out how City Clean can meet your specific needs and add value to your business, contact us at 1 (877) 649-7747.

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