Retail Stores Need A Reliable Floor Mat Rental Service

It’s no surprise that the way your retail store looks has a big impact on the impression you make on customers and your reputation in the community. As a retail store owner, we know you probably go to great lengths to always keep your space safe and looking presentable, but it’s not an easy job! Did you know that using a floor mat rental service can not only make a difference in how your retail space looks but also allow you more time to focus on other areas that need your attention?

When you choose to work with a mat rental company, you’ll be investing in a partnership that is committed to making your retail store successful. A floor mat rental service can not only help you by providing safe and efficient mats on a regular basis, but they will also help you customize the mats you need based on season, industry and branding.

3 Benefits To Gain From Using A Mat Rental Company

Finding a resource that offers multiple benefits is always something that business owners find extremely useful. Clean and efficient mats keep your retail space safe and contribute to a professional atmosphere.

In particular, three ways that floor mat rentals will support your success include:

  1. Protecting your business from accidents. Wet and slippery floors are one of the top causes of accidents and injuries. If you aren’t properly prepared to take care of water and debris that gets tracked into your space, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to being held liable for injuries. When you work with a mat rental company, you can feel confident that the right mats will be in the right places and will be regularly changed to ensure effectiveness.
  2. Supporting employee morale. From cashiers to customer service positions, front line staff are constantly on their feet. While they do their best to serve customers well, the constant pressure on their legs, back and feet can create health issues that make them less productive and unhappy. Investing in anti-fatigue mats as part of your floor mat rentals can make your employees much more comfortable.In addition, when employees see that the mats used in their workplace are cleaned on a regular basis, they will feel cared for and take pride in their work space.
  3. Contributing to your positive brand identity. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you have clean mats on a regular basis so that you don’t have to worry about your retail store looking dirty or unprofessional? With all the things you have to worry about, don’t let your front entrance way be one of them! In addition, you can get branded mats or use message mats to support your branding efforts.

Find The Right Floor Mat Rentals For Your Retail Store

Not all mats are created equal, so when you’re looking for a floor mat rental service, make sure you find one that has a wide range of mats to suit your needs. The experts at City Clean would be happy to meet with you and discuss what mats are right for your store and how to get the most benefits out of floor mat rentals. To get started, fill out our online mat rental consultation request form or give us a call at 1-(877) 649-7747.