Keep Your Retail Store Tidy This Summer With City Clean

Keeping a retail store clean requires consistent attention and a plan to adjust to the challenges each new season can bring. Summer time usually means an increase in sales and foot traffic, so what can retail stores do to be sure their space makes a great first impression? Having a clean store that is regularly well-maintained is the first step to making sure your retail space is ready to make the most of the busy summer season. Let’s take a look at some specific tools, such as floor mat rentals and facility services, to see how they can make your retail space more welcoming this summer.

Three Ways To Keep Your Retail Store Clean This Summer

Customers expect retail spaces to be clean and tidy, and they’ll notice if your business is dusty and dirty. With a little planning and effort, you can feel prepared to welcome busy summer crowds and focus on making the most of a season full of opportunity.

1. Invest In A Floor Mat Service.

How do you currently ensure that the floors of your retail space are kept clean over the summer? How clean your floors are goes a long way toward a lasting first impression, since floors are typically considered the first indicator of a store’s overall cleanliness. Customers are not going to want to spend time inside a store they perceive to be dirty. You can help your retail store make a great first impression by using floor mat rentals or a floor mat service that will regularly change out your mats, so your store always looks fresh and clean.

Using the right custom floor mats for your store means that dirt and debris that comes through the front doors will be stopped at the entrance way, which will significantly reduce the amount of mess tracked into your store. Not only will this make your store look better, but it also means that there will be less mopping and sweeping required in order to keep your space looking great.

2. Make Sure Restrooms And Change Rooms Are Always Clean.

Small spaces certainly matter! Clean restrooms and change rooms are a key part of any business. Customers will leave a retail store if they determine that the bathrooms or change rooms are unsanitary. It is essential that toilets, sinks, and floors are well-maintained and that toilet paper, paper towels, and hand soap and any other vital supplies are fully-stocked at all times.

It may work for you to hire a facilities supply program that provides necessities, such as:

  • Cost-reducing toilet tissue/towels
  • Paper dispensers
  • Air fresheners
  • Toilet and urinal deodorizer systems

3. Have A Regular Schedule For Cleaning And Maintenance.

Even once you invest in floor mat rentals or other strategies to support a clean retail space this summer, it still makes sense to have a regular designated schedule for cleanup duty. The person assigned can inspect and clean any areas that customers will commonly visit, make sure any custom floor mats are in the right position, and alert your facilities supplier if your retails space needs to order more supplies.

City Clean Can Help You Be Ready For A Successful Summer

City Clean has provided businesses in Toronto and the surrounding area with high-quality floor mat service and facilities services for more than four decades. Whether you need mats for a special event or floor mat rentals all year long, we’re happy to help! To explore how we can help keep your retail store clean, contact us or give us a call at 1.877.649.7747.

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