Why You Need Safety Floor Mats During The Winter

Winter weather can offer some spectacular scenery, but it can also make for unpleasant situations when it comes to your floors. Regular foot traffic from your customers and employees can carry water, snow, ice, and other types of debris through your doors, resulting in a dangerous situation. In addition, salt that gets tracked in on the bottom of shoes and boots can eat away at your flooring and lead to expensive repairs once winter is over. If you’re currently not using a mat rental service that provides you with proper floor safety mats, it might just be time to reconsider before we enter into another long winter.

In order to prevent floors from becoming dirty or slick, business owners should take a proactive approach by making sure that proper winter safety floor mats are in place. Don’t wait until the first big dump of snow to arrive to turn your attention to winter safety. Taking the time to confirm things like your snow removal plan and your need for floor safety mats before winter actually arrives, means that you won’t be caught in a precarious position and be left scrambling to make sure your business offers a safe environment during winter conditions.

Best Safety Floors Mats For Winter

Thankfully, a little snow and ice isn’t going to keep customers from coming into your building, but that does means you’ll need to plan for ways to stop them from bringing the winter elements indoors. There are several ways that adding strategic safety floor mats can help. Since every building and business has unique needs, working with an expert mat rental service can help you identify what will work best in key areas.

There are different matting options to fit your spaces. Some of the most popular options are listed below.

Outdoor entrance mats are your first line of defence and are designed to be left right outside entrance ways. These mats are made of tough material that wipes water and dirt off shoes and boots before it has a chance to make it inside. Durable outdoor entrance mats are designed for the outdoors, so you won’t have to worry about them cracking or breaking, even in the middle of a cold spell.

After outdoor floor safety mats, your next type of mat comes in the form of a high quality vestibule or indoor entry floor mat that can catch melting snow and gritty salt before it can touch your floors. These are especially essential in high traffic areas where people may just walk inside without wiping the soles of their shoes. Using all three of the mat types listed above will help keep winter outside where it belongs so that the floors of your business will stay dry and accident free.

Protect Your Business And Your Floors With City Clean

A bad fall or damaged floors can really ruin the holidays and put a damper on your busy winter season. Keep your floors dry and safe this winter with quality safety floor mats from City Clean. Ready to start preparing your business for winter? Contact City Clean today and find out more about our mat rental service and how we can find the right winter mats for your needs.